Remarketing 2.0: Dynamic Remarketing Explained

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Dynamic Remarketing is here -- making it faster and easier to create more targeted marketing material to drive sales or generate leads. Google has recently released Dynamic Remarketing which is the next step in their Remarketing platform. It allows all verticals to tailor display campaigns to the needs and interests of their customers.

Before we launch into Dynamic Remarketing, I want to bring anyone up to speed for those of you who may not know or fully understand what Remarketing is.

Remarketing Explained

Remarketing is a tool used by many marketing managers everyday to support campaigns as part of a holistic approach. It essentially picks up the IP address of the customers who visit your website and targets that IP address with image ads in the display network for a predefined period of time. Put simply, you stalk your customers (often without them even knowing it) by following them around the internet with ads targeted to them. It usually works well for businesses that have a long buying/ purchase cycle, businesses who expect regular repeat business, and businesses that have high ticket items or need to remain at the top of the mind of the consumer. The reason Remarketing is a great tool to support other advertising efforts is that it is targeted only to people who have previously visited your website. Meaning, they have already sought you out for one reason or another, and therefore have expressed interest in what you offer.

Taking it a step forward: Dynamic Remarketing

Now for the next step, Dynamic Remarketing. This is a tool which shows your customers tailored ads featuring products and product categories that they have previously viewed on your website. Not only that, it takes the whole idea one step further by picking up related products to follow your customers around with. It essentially does the work of your best sales people without you even having to lift a finger.

Let’s say you sell shoes and a customer comes to your website looking for the latest Nike shoes in the latest colours. Dynamic Remarketing recognises the product they’ve viewed, dynamically places that product into your Remarketing ads, along with the price and sets out, to follow that customer around the internet with that product to remind them where they saw it. Aside from the latest Nike shoes they were looking for, it also recognises that Adidas and Asics also have similar shoes which the customer may not have considered. So your ad shows the other products to them as well.

On top of this, Dynamic Remarketing sees the opportunity for the up-sell and begins to include running socks in your customer’s size, or an exercise shirt, or a water bottle. All of a sudden your customer appreciates that your website not only sells the shoes they want, but that your website has other related products they didn’t even realise they needed… but they do… Now we’re talking!


Dynamic Remarketing is fantastic and I have personally had great success with it since it’s inception. It makes creating targeted campaigns much easier for the marketing manager and delivers much more relevant content to your customers, which is better for them and better for you! 

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Phil Joel

Phil Joel, Director at SavvySME

Thanks for sharing David. Dynamic Remarketing sounds like a really useful tool to target prospective buyers. I really like the concept of cross-selling related products.

David Mooney

David Mooney at

Thanks Phil, it really becomes useful when you begin to use it creatively. You can now create custom audiences in Google Analytics to Re-Market to which allows you to target extremely specific behaviours and then send them extremely targeted messages.