5 Principles for Women Re-Entering the Workforce: It's not too late

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There are so many myths concerning women in business. But in today's market, women are actually making their mark. But how do women move forward from instability to stability? 

As I counsel women in my business, I see a trend that is happening among women over the age of 40. A great number of them are divorced, children are grown, with moderate education, working but not living their true purpose in life. I know this because I was in the exact same situation trying to enter the job market, competing with younger woman in their twenties. Like you, I felt things were not very promising. I was full of doubt and felt I have nothing to offer compared to the younger generation. I had to reinvent myself all over again. And many times, fear would grip me -- making me want to give up before I actually began.

This happens because of the many factors involved. We have heard for decades that this is a man's world so we are already inferior believing the untruths of what we have often heard. Then, we have to compete with individuals graduating from college. The truth of the matter is we can achieve greatness -- but first, we must believe in ourselves. 

In this article, I will provide you with 5 principles in which you can apply to start living your dreams not only for yourself, but for the generations to come.

1. Transform the way you think

So often, we destroy a dream before even giving birth to that dream. Our minds need to be renewed so we can dream and turn our dreams into reality. Many times, I meet women with low self-esteem. They do not believe in their abilities to achieve greatness. Maybe someone has poisoned them with negative intentions which eventually, produces death. The truth is, every decision we make involves the mind, will and emotions. You have to surround yourself with positive people who will cheer you on and encourage you as you transition yourself.

2. Plan your action 

What are your dreams? What has inspired you in life? We all have gifts and talents -- we just need to look and search from within so we can discover what drives and motivates us. Once you discover that passion, write it down and make it plain for you to see. However, before you can plan your action on how to achieve this, you must first believe in yourself. If you have no confidence in your own ability, how can anyone else believe in you and take you seriously?

3. Learn how to be a good student

Being a good student means, knowing and learning from people who are in the same profession you want to be involved in. Research the field of work you desire and learn everything you can about the Industry. Attend workshops. Grab hold of internships that are available. There are so many free online study classes where women are committed to helping others succeed. Join as many Facebook groups as you can -- you never know when an opportunity will present itself. By doing this, learning is continuous as this should be a part of your journey.  

4. Arise to your future

Start your day with a zest and an attitude of excitement -- believing that this is your day! Set up appointments. Make your calls. Get that connection with businesses. Remember the principle: "a closed mouth does not get fed." Some women doubt themselves thinking "I was a housewife for all these years and had not acquired any skills." Well, you can take whatever skills you have learned and create your portfolio -- for nothing is ever lost or misplaced. If you need to go back to school, register for classes as there are many scholarships out there especially intended for mothers. So take advantage of them. The most important thing is networking not just locally, but globally. The world is forever changing and evolving so we must be ready for change. Think outside the box.

5. Get ready to Rock

Dress for success by having the right wardrobe that is fitting for that particular Industry. Having the right clothes will bring about the right attitude for success. Not to say that clothes are everything, but if you are about to enter into the business world, you must be serious. No leading industry wants to see a person walk through their doors looking shabby and unprofessional. People will respect you and value your opinion when you look, dress, and talk the part. Learn how to celebrate every milestone in your life.There will always be disappointments, but never allow the setbacks to hinder you. Learn from it and move forward. Have a positive perspective by focusing on opportunity even in opposition. Keep your passion and fire by never losing focus. 

Women who are re-entering the workforce may feel overwhelmed, but anything and everything is possible. With these 5 principles, success and achievement are never too late.

Barbara Archer

Founder/CEO at FITS Marketing Productions

FITS Marketing Productions LLC provides corporate communications, public relations, and advertising solutions that help businesses create and improve brand image and presence. Backed by years of experience, we have developed a strong foundation and work ethic, which helps us meet our clients’ needs. Our firm grasp on the basics of PR work is one of the reasons why we are effective in what we do. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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Yee Trinh

Yee Trinh, Cofounder at

Great read Barbara. It's just a matter of summoning the courage to get back into it. Not as easy to do as it is to say unfortunately!

Ling Lee

Ling Lee at Digital Marketing and Personal Branding

Great article Barbara! Your article is such an inspiration to all women, whether they are re-entering the workforce, or changing careers.