3 Components to a Person's Soul: How They Affect Business Decision Making

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In today's discussion, we will be focusing on the soul and how its components affect life in general and in business decision making. Are there any other dynamics that plays a vital part? We will begin to explore the many functions so we will be able to transcend in higher levels of living. 

A person soul is made up of 3 parts -- the mind, will and emotion. 


The mind is a way how a person thinks. Everything in life starts with a thought process. It does not matter if the thought is positive or negative -- whatever you are thinking, that will become your reality. For years, I keep telling myself  "I can not do this" and before long, my actions began to align itself with my thought process. Eventually, I started to believe each and every lie. In Proverbs 23:7 it says, "As a man think in his heart so is he." Our minds are very powerful, but so are our thoughts. We must be disciplined in our thinking so we do not make improper decisions especially in regards to our life and business.


The will is what we do. Once you conceive a thought in your mind, you will soon give birth to your actions. It means your actions will follow your thoughts. Before long, if you allow your mind to dictate what you are thinking and feeling, you will begin to do accordingly to what your mind has told you to do. These basic principles are vitally important if we are going to be successful in life, in business decision making and most importantly, in your relationships. We need to understand how we are created and what drives us in life. How many times have you had a thought of something and actual carried it out?


Emotion is how we feel. Many times, we make decisions based upon an emotion which is actually a dangerous place to be in. If you are a person that constantly make decisions based upon on what you feel, you will always be dissatisfied in life. Allow me to explain. In life, people change all the time. Circumstances constantly change around us, and soon something or someone will change the rules we are used to. Once this happens, you go from an emotional high to a basement low.You can not be successful or happy if you are always on an emotional roller coaster ride of life.

The Transformation of the Mind talks about greatest battles going on in our minds. If we can control our thoughts, then everything else in our lives will become more productive. How often do we sit around and worry about everything? Most of the time what you might be thinking will never take place. But if you think too often and too long, chances are, your greatest worry will come upon you.

How this affects our business decision making

Because our souls are made up of three parts -- the mind, will, and emotion, it is inevitable that we will constantly make the wrong business decisions if we let our emotions control us. It will be harder for us to listen to our instinct -- that still voice that we typically do not pay attention to. In order to be successful, there are periods of waiting. It is during this waiting process that one must take time to research, ask probing questions and think. It is vital that one must have control over their thoughts and be level-headed. Take time to discover what fuels you. Many people make decisions based on their past failures and disappointments, so they have the tendency to operate from an unhealthy place.

Our will can be strong at times. In fact, this is how we are motivated when making a decision in business or personal life. However, you have to make sure that your motivation is to inspire others so in turn you would make a difference in the world around you. Wanting success for our own pleasure is not entirely correct. The generation that is coming up is where we need to be focusing on. Let us work together for our children and help build a powerful foundation for the future. 

Whatever happens in a person's soul will determine what that person will do. It will affect not just his business decision making, but the quality of life he lives.

Barbara Archer

Founder/CEO at FITS Marketing Productions

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