SMEs: Are you Satisfied With Your Life?

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So often, we try to live the dream -- marriage, family, career, the big home. We often spend so many hours in the office working hard just to keep what we have that we end up not being content. Life gets busy and time slips away. Before long we find ourselves ready for retirement. As we sit back, often times we wonder what else might have been out there for us? If things were different, what could I have truly become? Normally, others would tell us that we should be happy because we have everything. But instead, there is a part of us that is not content.

Many times, I received emails in my Radio Platform from women asking the same questions -- "what if...?" 

The reason behind questions like this is simple. It simply means you are not living on purpose -- something that you were created to do. Until such time you discover your true calling in life, you are merely existing in a world -- going through the emotions but walking away dissatisfied. Allow me to help you uncover the reality of what true living on purpose means.

Living Your Purpose 

As  a child, what dreams did you have when you reach adulthood? Sadly, many of our dreams were shattered quickly because someone (maybe a counselor or teacher) told you that you should follow a different path. As we hear those words, they soon take root and throw off that dream; thus, we pursue a different path. What then should you do?

First, you have to go back to that place in your life when you were happy and full of expectancy as a child. Recall the time when you were optimistic and innocent -- believing that you can do and become anything you set your minds to. 

Allow yourself to become vulnerable in your thinking and before long you will discover that hidden dream. Once you discover that passion, you will be able to turn it around and make it a profession for business. You will be surprised that any passion you have can become a profitable business. It only requires a little creativity on your part then you are on your way not only to make lots of money but doing what you enjoy. I know for myself in business, I used all my talents and gifts to make others rich. Now that I have discovered what I enjoy, why not make myself rich as well by fulfilling my purpose here on earth.

Continue to tell yourself you are smart and creative, and you will achieve success not only in business but in your relationships with family, friends and colleagues as well. Remember, the first step to success is by changing the way you think. If you can picture yourself climbing to the top of the mountain -- one day, you will find yourself sitting on top of it! Again, this may not be easy, but once you take the first step and believe in yourself, then you can achieve anything!


Milton Hershey had several failed businesses before he actually made it big. Milton never gave up -- even after facing failures after failures. This should also be our attitude. The moment you discover your purpose by finding your true passion -- pursue this dream. Never give up or give in. Look around and see where a need is at and turn that into a business for success. 

Are you satisfied with your life? Are you living your purpose? Is your business progressing the way you want it to be? Do share your thought as I would love to hear from you.

Barbara Archer

Founder/CEO at FITS Marketing Productions

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