My 25 Best Quotes To Inspire Epic Personal Performance


I’d like to leave my final thoughts with you for 2014 by sharing 25 of the most liked quotes from my articles this year…

Please use them around your office, with your teams or post them up on your wall as a reminder to create epic results in your own personal performance and with your teams…

25 quotes to Inspire Epic Performance

1. Leaders within an organization are called to be thermostats, not simply thermometers.

2. When you surround yourself with fear and negativity you activate the part of your brain not supportive of solutions, best decision making and creative ideas

3. An important aspect to managing difficult conversations well is to promote relationship over division through facilitating behaviour and not blaming and shaming any individuals’ actions

4. When leaders evoke a positive ‘inner climate’ of thought and emotion in their employees, they persuade higher levels of creativity, productivity, commitment and cohesiveness from each employee.

5. Give your attention to the one activity that is going to give you the greatest profitability of return and take action upon it!

6. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. The deeper your relationships, the wider your influence!

7. It is not the solutions we provide but rather the questions we ask that are the most powerful in getting people to take action

8. Teams that avoid problems are different to those that focus on excellence

9. Being a leader is less title and more mindset

10. In times of turbulence and hardship people look to the individual who communicates with the most certainty and calls them leader!

11. Our words have the ability to hypnotize our view of reality and the opportunities that actually do exist. Speak the language of leadership over the language of victimhood

12. Constructs that tend to hold us back are called limiting beliefs. A limiting belief is anything that holds us or perhaps the performance in our team back from being excellent

13. It’s not the load that breaks you down, its how you carry it.

14. When anyone deems a leader or colleague as a foe they will focus almost exclusively on dealing with the threat (i.e. creating resistance, lashing out or holding grudges) rather than the goals at hand (i.e. working together, sharing ideas and creating high levels of commitment)

15. The revolutionary idea of conquering procrastination and avoiding the motivation trap is simply, action proceeds motivation.

16. When we take ‘vague intent’ and turn it into ‘clear-cut finish lines’ we increase certainty, which in turn, increases morale, productivity and motivation within our employees and teams

17. When staff and employees feel appreciated, acknowledged or recognized the ROI is work with high positive energy that’s filled with optimism, challenge and engagement

18. Structuring effective meetings achieves the most crucial aspect to a team’s performance – great results! Effective meetings keep the team focused on the important despite the vacuum of the urgent!

19. When we observe simply to understand, instead of compete or challenge, we value an individual’s points of difference without feeling as though they are ‘wrong’ ‘out of line’ or ‘different’.

20. We influence our personal power to take action by choosing the right thoughts and feelings.

21. The best teams know themselves and their own behavioural style and can adapt to other people’s behaviour instead of seeing them with an attitudinal defect.

22. Handling uncertainty and being able to work on a task with a laser like focus means we must learn to work in a more present, calm and optimistic state and avoid our thoughts being caught in the past or future

23. Distraction is activity disjointed from strategy

24. When there is an intellectual disconnection between what people do and what they actually love and value in their life they become demotivated

25. When an individual or team sets a goal, they tend to focus on the results not on the steps to that result. Stay process orientated!

Which of these quotes shared do you think inspires you to give an epic personal performance?


Benjamin Young

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