What I've learnt from the January blog challenge

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I've always been writing on blogs ever since I stepped foot into social media, and I also never thought the 30 day challenge would have made that much of a difference to what I was already doing, but boy was I wrong.

Even if you think you are already good at something, there is always room for improvement, and the funny thing is that, even the act of doing something consistently everyday, with no other effort applied, will make you better at it.

When I wrote whenever I felt like it, I only wrote when I had an idea. I was not forced into a position where I HAD to think of one, no matter what. So it made me learn and be creative with how I came up with my article ideas.

Above all, here are the 4 things I have learnt from the January blogging challenge.

1. Writing good content everyday is not easy

Even if you think you can write good content, writing good content EVERYDAY is not easy. However the more I wrote, the easier it became to write even more. It's sort of like increasing your writing stamina in a way. 

2. Getting inspiration from other writers keep you sane

I found that the more time I spent reading other people's articles, the easier it was for me to write. Not only did I get inspired by what they wrote, some articles were an offshoot of what I had been reading.

3. You don't always need to be deep and meaningful all the time

I also tried fairly different formats of content, and even experimented with a few entertaining pieces such as 7 cool things to do on the internet and Top 10 tweeting accountings in Australia, which is very unlike what I normally write. 

Sometimes a fun piece can be just as interesting to your reader as a helpful one.

4. Sharing your content on your own networks really helps get the word out

Theres nothing more disheartening than writing a great piece and have no one read it. The great thing about SavvySME is that the community is there to appreciate what you have written, but sending it out on your twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook networks also helps get your hard work out there. 

For those of you that had a chance to participate in our blog challenge this much, regardless of how much and how little you did, thank you! 

I encourage you all to keep posting and growing! Being able to communicate and write effectively online is such an important skill to have these days.

I'll be publishing the list of top 10 article contributors next week, so stay tuned!

Wendy Huang

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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Well done, thanks for getting us all into the rhythm ! The challenge was a good motivation to learning and growing together. It was hard but well worth it. :)

Sandy Moore

Sandy Moore, Owner and Online Strategist at

Unfortunately, I couldn't join you for the blog challenge... however enjoyed reading all your articles. People tend to work more efficiently when under pressure. 2011 saw me take up the blogging challenge and I can definitely relate to the challenges you faced Wendy. Not only is a blogging challenge great for your website rankings it also teaches you discipline and encourages you to keep your content regular through out the year. Awesome work Wendy!!

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