New Year's Resolutions: Getting the Most Out of 2015

Health & Wellbeing

How do we get the most out of the coming New Year that will produce a lasting effect on your family, business and the community? What are your New year's resolutions that will help map a great year ahead for you? 

We often have misconceived ideas about what we want in each passing year. We go through the motions of making a list, but never really staying the course. Sometimes we get off to a great start only to find ourselves burnt out and throwing in the towel. The truth is -- we are definitively creatures of habit. This is the reason why it is so important for us to be disciplined in our thinking for us to make realistic expectations instead of setting the bar too high. And if we come short to reaching these expectations? We are left feeling like a failure. 

My question to you is, "What gets in your way of following through your New Year's resolutions? Is it the different challenges you face -- day to day demands in business or at home?" "How do we get the most out of life as we transition into a new year?"  In today's module, I will provide you with a few main components that will help you not only in this coming year but every day. It is truly a lifestyle that must be maintained daily.

1. Create a plan that is realistic and obtainable. So often we focus on reaching goals that are unobtainable. Because of this, we find ourselves facing failures over and over again. This happens when we make unrealistic choices and ends up disappointed with ourselves. Many times because of our excitement, we work ourselves into this super hero character that we can conquer it all even with our busy lives. We fail to realize that no one can do it all. Although we are are gifted especially for certain things in life but when you set too high of an expectation, you will soon run out of steam. What then should you do? Do an evaluation of your time and see all the many tasks you have set in place to accomplish for that particular day. Do not overcrowd your calendar that will only leave you sadden when you are not able to complete every detail. So what am I saying, set goals but they have to be realistic and within your abilities.

2. Enjoy the journey of life. This does not just include the times you are happy, you are successful or times that you have reached a milestone. It also means enjoying the journey of life when faced with frustrations and failures. Many times we go through life failing to enjoy one single moment of it, Have you ever wondered that about yourself? I know I have. The reason for this is we feel if we do not work as hard now, what will we have for later? Although it is understandable that we want to secure a better future for ourselves and our families, but worrying and expecting the worst in life does not help. It does not help if one is always afraid or filled with "what ifs" in life. Part of life's journey is facing setbacks and challenges. Worrying never helps especially over some thing that has not taken place yet. "Can worrying add one single moment to your life span?"  No. So go and enjoy life. I am not saying you must not work hard, but enjoy yourself along the way. The most uptight people are the ones that are consumed with the cares of this world. Being so uptight is actually taking years off your life and adding unnecessary stress. 

How do you enjoy the journey of life?

Take the time to enjoy and bask yourself in the beauty of nature. Smell the flowers. Marvel the beauty of the sunset. Take a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Listen to soft music. Most of all, spend quality time with your kids, and take your spouse out to dinner and dancing. Simple things like these are more meaningful.  If we do not take the time to enjoy life, life will take us.

I know this all so well as I began to craft my business. I would stay up all day and night working on my new venture. I was so focused on nothing else, but God has reminded me of resting my mind and body. When we are not fully rested, our immune system is a little slower causing it to break down and we find ourselves ill. Our business will thrive if we approach the new year with a clear mind, achievable goals, and a peaceful and healthy well-being. We can only achieve this if we enjoy life as it comes. 

As we approach the end of the year 2014, are there resolutions for the new year that you want to achieve to help you get most out of your 2015? Remember, the best is yet to come. So live your life healthy and joyful!


Barbara Archer

Founder/CEO at FITS Marketing Productions

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