6 Misconceptions in the Path of Your Home Business

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Every home-based business starts with a dream. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of that dream and convert it into a flourishing business. Therefore, never allow the following six misconceptions in the path of your home business. 

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1. Most Home Businesses Fail
If you start with a negative mindset from the beginning that home businesses are not meant for achieving success, then you are succumbing to a pre-meditated conception without even trying for it. It’s not an encouraging sign if you look at the stats of home business failures on the internet. But then, the failures have mostly occurred due to lack of experience and expertise, and to an extent due to the varying market conditions faced by the business owners. However, these challenges should not deter you. Always remember, by planning carefully along with a passion and zeal to succeed, you would receive all that it takes to realize your dream.

2. Need to Devote All Your Time
Like all other businesses, your home business too demands some quality time from you for its survival and growth. However, it is important to use time wisely. Devote two to three hours in the initial phase and see the progress. Based on its rate of development, you should be the best judge to decide whether it requires more attention from your end. It is always advisable to start on a small-scale; when the business enters into the expansion mode, increase your hours in order to take it to a whole new level.

3. Need a Healthy Startup Capital
Some home businesses call for a good amount of money at the time of their launch. On the other hand, a service-oriented or a consulting startup demands a very small amount of capital from you. Some other independent home businesses just require a personal computer and a telephone to get started. So make an in-depth research on your own in order to cut the startup capital as much as possible.

4. Need Plenty of Experience
There is no denying to the fact that prior experience always comes handy at the time of running your business. But experience is not everything. As long as you have a good business brain, and you are prepared to treat your mistakes as a learning curve, things would be just fine for you. You can pick up any sales modules, pricing modules, or accounting modules to update yourself with the latest trends and changes. Moreover, there are quite a few organizations, which offer programs on free mentoring. So, there’s absolutely no end to learning! 

5. Success Takes Many Years
It is important to realize that success cannot be achieved overnight. This truth is applicable to all professions, spheres, and businesses. So, it is absolutely vital to remain patient with your home-based business. In this context, it is important to have a set concept on the yardstick of your success. If earning an additional income is your main objective, then success can be achieved within a very short span of time. But if you desire to make the earnings through your home business as the primary source of income, then it is absolutely crucial to work hard and experiment cleverly. Make no mistake, like all other forms of businesses, it would eventually experience the taste of success in the end.

6. Unexpected Tax Consequences
Earnings generated through your home business automatically become taxable. However, you always have the option of taking away qualified expenses for reducing the taxable income. Insurances, licenses, mileages, equipments used for the purpose of your business, accounting software, etc. come within the purview of qualified expenses. So, take them into account, and plan accordingly to avoid any unexpected tax consequences. 

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Thanks Michael, great article! Good reminder that starting a home business is not a walk in the park! :)

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Wholeheartedly agree with point 2. You also get burnt-out.

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