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The nature of my business means that I am home in front of the computer a lot, which makes it very easy for me to stay cooped up at home for hours on end working on client websites or chatting to friends on Facebook.

If you share a similar lifestyle or even a very active extreme lifestyle it can be very easy to be always stressed and tired. I've found a few things that have helped me de-stress and I would like to share these with you:

See your friends

It may seem like a very obvious thing to do, but when I got busy I found that I never made an effort to keep appointments with friends. This feeling of overwelhm snowballed and got worse, making me more anti-social. Taking some time out to spend with friends face to face helped me balance out my life.

Spend time with nature

Artificial light and a unventilated room drove me crazy after a while. Getting some vitamin D and some fresh air made a huge difference to my stress levels.

Learn new things

Sometimes when you are not progressing in your business it can get frustrating and bring on more stress. I found that taking a few hours everyday to read a book helped me solve my business problems more efficiently, and made me ponder areas of my business I had previously ignored. I prefer to read books on my Kindle or through the kindle app on my mobile. The electronic versions are usually 50% of the price as well. Head to the popular kindle books for entrepreneurs list on Amazon to find useful popular books. I also suggest you read the customer reviews to see if the book is worth reading.

Eat right

Your body and mind is simply a reflection of what you eat, so make sure you reduce the amount of processed foods and snacks you consume. I had a bad habit of snacking on high sugar foods because I was just too lazy and focused to make a proper meal, and I had lots of highs and lows and mood swings which led to more stress.

Too much coffee is also bad. Very bad.

Got to the gym

The reason I had such a bad body clock was I woke up late and because I did little exercise I didn't tire myself out enough for me to sleep at a reasonable hour, so the cycle continued. Going to the gym or getting some form of exercise (I play soccer a lot) helped me hit the hay early enough for me to be well rested.

Every "body" is different to how they deal with stress, but these are the tips that worked for me. You should try as many things and you can and do what works for your body. 

I'd love to hear some of your de-stressing tips.

Nick Chernih

Founder at LinkBuildSEO

I help clients rank their pages and get more traffic on their webpages.


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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at SavvySME

Hey Nick, great tips! My favorite way to de-stress is to swim then cook up a storm - accompanied by an ever loyal glass of red! :) The scotch does the trick too for more dire situations (or seemingly so) :)

Inga Gonzales Julie Webb

Inga Gonzales Julie Webb,

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