Mobile Marketing Options You Have to Consider

Digital Marketing

Targeting mobile devices is becoming increasingly important for any digital marketing strategy. It makes sense, right? Think about how often you’re out and about, on the move and you feel the need to instantly connect with a business, supplier or product. It can be as simple as wanting to know more about a particular product, find out the opening hours, and find the after-hours phone number… anything really.

So when you’re looking at building out a digital campaign, what are the best practices surrounding mobile device targeting?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

1) Mobile friendly website

If you’re site isn’t mobile friendly, then you can pretty much forget about it. If your customers can’t access the information that they are looking for immediately, then they are going to move on to another website which can facilitate what they need. My biggest tip, beyond anything else, is to ensure that your customers can access what they need, when they need it… and more often than not, they need it right away.

2) Implement mobile friendly extension and Ad formats

According to Google, best practice states that the best way to create a mobile optimised campaign is to build out your ad extensions and have the mobile friendly check-box ticked. Extensions that you can build out are things such as:

  • Site link Extensions: Give your customers the option to link through to other pages on your site.
  • Call extensions: Allows your customers to simply click your phone number and call directly from your ad
  • Location extensions: Perfect for if you have a shop front
  • App extensions: Direct your users directly to your App to help drive downloads
  • Review & Call-out Extensions: Build trust and highlight your businesses selling points

Not only will the ad extensions increase your expected click through rate (in turn bringing you better quality scores and having positive impacts on your cost per click), it will increase the likelihood that your customers will find you when they need to.

3) Mobile bidding

AdWords allows us to adjust bids on mobile devices up to 300% higher than your max cost per click. What this means is that if you’re in an industry where calls are important to you, you can bid much higher on mobile devices in order to show in the top spots. The reason you would want to be in position one or two on a mobile device is that for the most part, there are only two results at the top of the page on a mobile search result. If you want to be competitive within your mobile campaign but don’t want to bid for top spot on desktops, you can adjust mobile bids to allow you to sit in converting positions.

At the end of the day in Australia, 23% of purchases made are instigated with a smart-phone search. Further to this, 66% of searches happening in Australia in 2014 were made on a smart phone. If you’re not optimising your campaigns for mobile phone usage, and your website isn’t mobile optimised, you’re at risk of losing customers and in the long run, being left behind.