Driving Calls to Drive Leads

Lead Generation

Calls can be the Holy Grail for some advertisers. What could be better than getting your potential customer on the other end of the phone in order to generate a booking, lead, quote request or sale? What you can achieve in a simple two minute phone call can be head and shoulders above a web enquiry (which can sometimes mean five or six emails back and forward).

Google has just made prompting your customers towards phone enquiries a lot easier with some new updates. Here are some of my tips to help you get people on the other end of the phone in order to help you close your sales.

Work out what you need

Before you jump in and make any wholesale changes to your campaigns, determine your advertising goals and work out exactly what you need and, why.

Not everyone needs calls and, having someone one the other end of the phone doesn’t always work for everyone. If you have a think about what your best enquiries are, where they come from and how you close them, you’ll know pretty quickly if optimising for phone calls is for you.

If it is for you, read on! If it isn’t for you... please also read on, you might be surprised at how this stuff can work.

Set Up a Call-Only Campaign

Google have just released a new feature within AdWords which helps to drive calls directly to your phone. The feature is called ‘Call-Only’ campaign which creates mobile optimised Google ads which encourage people to call you directly.

The campaign set-up is the same as any other campaign; the only thing that changes is the way the advert looks.

Driving Calls to Drive Leads

As you can see, the ads themselves only really give your customers the option to call you directly which is a great option for a lot of industries. In terms of best practice, it’s always preferable to give call only ads their own campaign. Separating the campaigns out gives you greater control over scheduling, targeting and reporting which will only work in your favour in the long run.

Ad Text – Selling yourself in 95 Characters or less

Your ads need to be to the point, yet persuasive enough to get people on the line right away. A strong Call-to-Action is key to getting people to phone you. Copy such as ‘Call Now For a Quick & Easy Quote’ or ‘Call Today For Our Best Price’. This is telling your customer exactly what you expect them to do and what they can expect in return. It’s a big part of our 35 character value exchange; what will you give your customer in exchange for their time on the end of the phone?

Schedule your call only ads

An ad schedule can be the difference between success and wasted money when it comes to driving calls. If you only schedule your ads to show when you have someone available to answer the phone, you will ensure you always have a lead dealt with as soon as the calls come through.

The flip side to this is that you don’t schedule your ads and your customers continually call through to a voicemail. It can be a pretty frustrating customer experience and can also cost you a lead.

Measure your impact

There are a lot of other factors which can influence how you implement a call only campaign, but the most important factor (as always) is how you measure it. Looking at the data to understand the kinds of key words which bring you the most calls, what time of day you receive them, which locations you receive them from and how this can work together to improve results long term. Understanding this will allow you to build upon your results and allow for continued success in the future.

The best way to learn how this all works is to log into your AdWords account and simply try it out.