What is the Value of a Good Employee?

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What is the Value of a Good Employee?

Great employees are the lifeblood of any successful business. Not only do they help ensure that everyday tasks and processes are carried out on time and to the highest possible standards, but they’re also there to guide your business towards growth and prosperity. Indeed, it’s the people that make a company truly successful; not the product or technology they’re using. They carry the kind of value that can’t simply be measured in terms of their skill set, years of experience, or qualifications. Hence, they are certainly not easily replaced.

If you’ve ever doubted the true value of your employees, and even consider them entirely replaceable, then read on. Here are 3 reasons why great employees should be valued in the workplace.

They have experience on what has and hasn't worked for the company in the past.

They say that those who fail to learn the lessons from the past are condemned to repeat them. Great employees – specifically those that have been with the company for a significant chunk of time – are like wise village elders. They have deep reservoirs of institutional and operational knowledge that management can periodically draw upon to take their business to the next level. These experienced folk are able to point out what did and what didn’t work in the company’s history -- potentially saving the company from going down a time-wasting and costly road.

For example, they know the right strategy to take when negotiating with certain clients. They know which shared interests to focus on, and which aspects of the deal are simply non-negotiable. Sometimes you only ever have one chance to sit at the negotiating table with a potential client. Great employees can make sure you have the best chances of landing the deal.

They have long-lasting relationships with clients.

In the world of business and industry, human relationships are the bedrock over which million dollar deals and contracts are formed. People want to deal with people that they like. It’s basic human psychology. Employees that have been with the same company over many years will have already formed solid relationships with their clients. And it is based on the strength of these relationships that a company can progress to the next level – for example, by securing that juicy deal, or landing that ideal client. We already know how important it is to nurture mutually beneficial business relationships over the long-term, especially when it comes to negotiation.

A major component of a successful negotiation is trust: parties on both sides of the table need to feel secure in having their needs met. Great employees are able to instill the kind of trust needed to get a deal over the line. A familiar face, shared experiences, and a great track record tends to have this effect –time and time again.

They can literally help transform your business into a market leader.

It’s common knowledge within the business world that if you want to create a truly collaborative and productive work environment, then you need to reward and praise the people in your team. A work culture where everyone feels valued often leads to the kind of developments, ideas, and insights that can turn a business struggling to make ends meet into a into a genuine market leader. Employees flourish when they are valued, and so will your business if you spend time and effort in letting them know just how much they are valued.

A great employee is so much more than just a bum in a seat. They are formed over the years and molded by experience. If treated correctly their expertise has the potential to completely transform a business for the better, enabling managers to leverage on their years of experience, specific skill sets, and solid bonds with clients. And isn’t this the kind of future you want for your business?


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Mary Ann Keeling

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