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There are 13 things that customers are looking for when purchasing from your eBay Store. We have found an eBay Store that we think is great and want you to have a closer look inside to see what is important in running a successful eBay Store that customers will want to shop from again and again.

Anatomy of a Great eBay Store

1. Good seller reputation

We recommend that you maintain over 98% Positive feedback. Don't worry if your feedback is lower as this is something that can be improved over time by providing great customer service.

2. Competitive pricing

Always offer competitive pricing on both your product & postage fees.

3. Fast & on-time delivery

Customers want to buy and have their product now. To accommodate their needs try and deliver orders as quickly as possible. Be careful that the timeframe you set is realistic to your business and covers the entire time it takes you to process an order to the moment the customer has it in their hands. (Recommended 1-5 business days).

It is very important to always have stock on hand and deliver on time. This is a common issue for sellers and is the main reason sellers receive negative/ neutral feedback on a sale.

4. Professional Store Design

Customers like to shop in retail stores that look great. Just like a brick and mortar store your eBay Store needs to present itself professionally to attract customers. By consistently applying your brand style (design, logo, colours and fonts) across your eBay Store customers will feel confident to buy from you as it demonstrates your professionalism and creditability as a seller.

Over 50% of eBay transactions are now made from a mobile device. This is why it is so important that your eBay Store has been designed and developed responsively. Responsiveness is different to viewing a smaller scaled down version of a website on your mobile phone. When responsively designed, store content is simplified to work optimally on a chosen device which makes the customer experience much more pleasurable when accessing your store. The easier it is for a customer to use your eBay Store and view product listings the higher chance you will have of converting each view into a sale.

5. Great product photography

Your product photos are your biggest asset when selling online. They represent your product visually and replace the touch and feel aspect of retail shopping. Always display great product photos that are clear from clutter and have a neutral background. Use high resolution photos (1600 x 1600px) to show product details when zoomed in.

6. Detailed sale information

Clearly display all necessary information for making a sale such as product description & Terms Conditions. This will minimise customer enquires and will help convert a product view into a sale.

It’s a good idea to include your contact telephone number on your eBay Store. Customers like to know there is someone they can contact if something goes wrong with their purchase. By providing a contact telephone number customers are more likely to shop from your store as it provides authenticity as well as giving them peace of mind.

7. Easy to use navigation

Make it easy for customers to find and navigate through important information such as your Contact details and quick links.

8. Title written using customer friendly key words

eBay & Google love great content and will bump up your product listings in search results if they believe your content is a good match for customers search requests.

9. Additional product photos

Use extra product photos to display product details.

10. Important notices

Clearly display important sale information that may impact on a customers purchase decision e.g. Delays in Shipping or Special Holiday notices. Always keep your customers informed and follow up any notices with an automated email responder.

11. Related products

Do you have additional products that complement your product listing? Make sure you display these and any cross promotions close by as there is a good chance that your customer will be interested in those as well.

12. Stay connected

Promote your products (New/Old) to your customers and followers by using eBay’s newsletter function. Unfortunately this is the only way you can internally communicate with your eBay customers.

Important note: Do not divert your customers to your online store from eBay as this is against eBay's Link Policy. By failing to do so eBay will penalise you by suspending your eBay Store.

13. Trustworthy payment icons

Display payment icons to demonstrate your creditability as a seller running a professional eBay Store.


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