How To Jazz Up Your Sales Conversations To Get More Clients

Sales Strategy

You have an awesome product or service to sell – you know it’s good stuff, and your clients and customers can really benefit from it. Yet, you fumble and babble when it comes to telling your potential clients the “what you do and how you do it” during your sales conversations.

You know your product or service inside and out… yet you struggle to confidently communicate it to others in an engaging and convincing way. When a client or customer does not buy, you scratch your head and wonder why… You can see it clear as day that they can really use your product or service! You might have even reworked your product or service offering multiple times, piling on features and bonuses hoping to make it more “salable.”

What if I tell you it’s NOT about the product or service? What if you can just upgrade your communication to sell more?

Here are a few ways to make your presentation more engaging and convincing:

1. Your Conviction

What is your big WHY? What makes you do what you do? What do you fully believe in? (You may find these questions helpful.)

Everybody likes a good story – what is YOUR story that makes you do what you do?

This conviction about your purpose and vision not only gives you the clarity to make good decisions and take impactful actions, it also gives you the energetic “oomph” when you talk about your work because you are standing behind what you offer.

When you have conviction about your work, you will sound confident and genuine – which is the best way to build trust (that leads to conversion) in an honest and transparent manner.

Moreover, how can you expect your potential clients to be convinced if you don’t have conviction in what you do?

2. Your Signature Process

Having signature process that showcases your superpowers and addresses your ideal clients’ challenges and desires give you a powerful tool to communicate the value you create for your clients.

With a signature process, you can succinctly and confidently tell your potential clients how you deliver the results you promise, while highlighting your expert status and increasing your credibility.

Good news is, you are doing it already so you don’t have to make something up! Most often than not, it simply involves setting aside a couple of hours to take stock of the process you take your clients through, tighten it up and map it to your ideal clients’ needs and wants. (Here is how.)

3. Your Mindset

If you don’t put the right money mindset behind your sales conversation, you may find yourself fumbling when it comes time to talk numbers. The change in energy makes both you and your potential clients uncomfortable, and weakens the trust you just built up.

  • Your preconception toward “selling” – This is a fact: No one likes to be "pushed" into buying. Due to our past experience, we may have a wrong perception in regards people who are in sales because someone, somewhere gave us an undesirable experience. If you had a bad experience with annoying sales people, it is easy to equate selling as “dishonest.” No one wants to be perceived as such. We have to change our attitude toward “selling” so we can be confident and genuine in our conversations.
  • Your fears – fears can hold us back from putting forth your offering confidently. There are many fears that could hold us back, including the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of no being good enough, or the fear of being criticized.
  • Your money mindset – when we don’t have healthy boundaries or an empowered voice in our money conversations, we don’t feel comfortable talking about money and that sense of reluctance can dampen the momentum of your sales conversation. Your potential clients can sense your discomfort and may wonder if there is something fishy going on.

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