Are You Too Busy to be Well?

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Are you too busy to be well?

As a small business owner you love having the freedom of being your own boss. You set your own hours, delegate all your undesirable jobs to others, and pretty much live the good life, right...Right?

Perhaps that's the dream, but reality is often times very different. Long hours, endless stress and worry, working in your business instead of on it, with the constant mantra of ‘I’ll have time for me and my health when…’ - I'll let you fill in the blank.

Until you are living your ideal life and able to take the regular mini-breaks you need and deserve, for optimal health, there is a simple process that you can undertake right now to improve your health and state of mind, without compromising your business productivity and performance. In fact, it may actually improve upon it.

Food, Mood and Body Inventory

Many small business owners, to combat their waning health are taking advantage of a simple exercise called the Food, Mood and Body Inventory. Just as you would take stock of your business, conducting stock take, staff conduct and moral, productivity and performance, it’s imperative that you take stock of ‘Self’ by turning up the volume of your body, and turning the volume down on your conscious mind.

When undertaking the FMB Inventory, you simply become an observer for your eating patterns and physical activity, making notes on the various components of the inventory. These include, but are not limited to: what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. What your level of hunger is at the time of eating, what it feels like for you to actually be hungry? How do you know you are hungry and where you feel it physically? Also to rate your level of hunger on a scale of one to ten, ten being famished and one being uncomfortably full, at the time of eating.  

In order to gain a greater understanding of your daily patterns, you also need to note the environment you eat in and how you eat. i.e., sitting down, standing up, walking around and who you eat with. You also need to note how your body feels before and after eating. And lastly, in this observation stage, you need to note the variance of moods throughout the day, paying particular attention to your mood, before, during and after eating.

Understanding the FMB Inventory

This first stage of the FMB inventory is to raise the importance of awareness. Awareness is the first step towards making changes. If you are unaware of what needs to change, then it stands to reason that you will make no changes. By being your own observer in the first stage, it awakens a new level of understanding, opening up the avenues that the mind and body are inter-connected when it comes to the effects of food.

Once you become in-tune and aware of your eating patterns and its connection to your body and mood, you are able to ask yourself some behavioural changing questions. 

  • Am I really hungry? 
  • Do I really feel like this? 
  • Will this satisfy me? 
  • Will this improve my mood or hinder it? 
  • Am I making a hasty decision? 

By tuning in and feeling the answers within your body, you are able to consciously make better choices when it comes to food. 

The important thing to remember here is that you are in the driver seat of your inventory. At no stage is any food off limits, or classed as good or bad. It is simply food.  Once the ladles understand this, the guilt and deprivation are also removed. Over time, particular foods which once ‘had a hold’ on you will lose its power because you are in the driver seat and you can have what ever you want. The question is: Do you REALLY want it? Just because you say no to it now, does not mean that you can’t have it another time. Because you can.

The Food, Mood and Body Inventory is an amazing way to tap into the present moment with your eating habits and to take back control by being aware. This is a process that when followed, will naturally allow you to find a level of weight that is Ideal for you -- based on the needs of your body and lifestyle. It is a process that can be followed for life, enabling you to maintain a level of healthy eating that is optimal for you as an individual. This not only improves your working performance and productivity but spills over into your everyday life increasing your enjoyment in life -- on all levels.

Kellie Parker

Founder at Tapping Into Change Personal Coaching

I am a certified Life, Wellness and Weight loss Coach. I specialise in Body harmony and Natural Weight, conducting online programs and one on one coaching.

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