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Moving to different countries is a daunting process. Yet, it’s also an exciting opportunity to start fresh. It’s a clean slate to honor your dreams and live a life true to yourself and not what others expect of you. To live a big juicy life, leave a legacy and become the person you always knew were hiding deep inside you. Many dream of a new life overseas, but few succeed in making the transition from fantasy to reality. Even fewer people use this new life and environment as a springboard to chase their big dreams.

It’s not easy to chase your dreams. You need passion, perseverance and self-belief.

Over the past six years in Australia, I moved houses five times in 3 years. I lost my job and 457-work visa, and struggled to find a new job. I nearly had to leave the country before my permanent residency came through. I made a huge decision to leave my job to start my own marketing company three years ago and a bigger decision to follow my passion for inspiring people 2 years later.

Each change, even the ones that were wanted, was difficult because taking risks means new beginnings and a few endings.

When we decide to try something new and get out of our comfort zone, loss takes place. I have lost places, friendships, possessions and identities but I also gained new ones.

I had many moments of doubt. What if I couldn’t find a job? What if it didn’t work out? Are you waiting for the right time? Until you’re ready, more settled in, until the kids go to school or until they leave home?

"Taking a leap" sounds spontaneous. The truth is that many people who inspire us with their leaps prepared for months or years to make it happen, but all life-changing leaps start with making the decision to do it.

Whatever your dream is — whether you’re halfway there or haven’t even started — here are some tangible steps you can take to make it a reality:

Define Your Dream. Take time to define what you would like to have and do in life, and who you would like to be in life. Say your dream aloud and write it down. It makes it real and helps you commit to the idea and making it happen. 

Choose Supportive People. You only need a few people who understand your pursuits, encourage you without resentment and who are living their own out-of-the-box lives. These family and friends will help you follow through because they want you to be happy.

Lay The Groundwork. What stands between you and this dream? Make a list of what you need to do. Create an attainable goal instead of staying stuck in an overwhelming mess of what-ifs. Action steps will prod you into action and make your adventure happen.

Now Is The Right Time. It’s never the perfect time whether you start a business, have kids or move countries. It’s easy to use one challenge or obstacle as an excuse when we’re scared. Trust yourself. If you want it badly enough you will find a way to make it happen.

Ask For Help. Someone somewhere has probably done something similar to what you want to do. Find a mentor or a coach and connect with people. Ask them how they overcame their obstacles. Supportive people always lift each other higher.

Have the courage to take the leap that will let you live a big juicy life and leave a legacy.


Alicia Menkveld

Director at Alicia Menkveld International

Alicia Menkveld, an entrepreneur for more than 16 years, loves to travel and lived on three continents to date. She’s an inspirational speaker, twice-published author and performance coach. She helps people to be more confident and reach their full potential in their personal and professional lives. She offers a complete range of training workshops and coaching services to help you and your organisation win at work and in life.

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Preetha S

Preetha S

You are absolutely right Alicia. Your write up resonates with me at various levels. Moving to Australia was life changing and it opened up a completely different world for me. Though unprepared for what I had to go through through very many sleepless nights, I would say it eventually made me explore outside my comfort zone and to become part of new & unfamiliar support structures/networks/communities. A humbling, at the same time empowering experience.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Great read. The key as you've mentioned is taking steps everyday. They may not always be large or even obvious, but every step gets you closer. The second key really is supportive people. You need to minimize the negative people around you and focus on your goals not the opinions of others. Most times the people that are the least supportive may want to try something similar but lack the courage to move forward. And you do need courage to move forward but the unknown can be very rewarding.

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