Proven Low Cost Ideas For Small Business Marketing



Marketing a small business can become expensive, and the lack of funds can hinder a business from being successful. However, with some proven low-cost marketing ideas, a business can thrive on a small budget. Here are some ideas:

Digital Marketing

Digital technology has allowed small businesses to be able to market ideas effectively through the computer. First, compose a list of customers, and then, send them an email encouraging them to join one of the social networks connected to the business. The customers will have free access to any of the business’ post or advertisements. Offer the customers incentives to share the post with their friends, which will spread the word about the small business to many more people. This type of marketing has a positive impact on a small business.

Promotional Products

Marketing a business can include giving away promotional products that include the company information imprinted on them, such as pens, stationary or notepads. These items are useful to remind clients about the service the company offers. They can encourage new customers to add them as friends on the social network to learn of new and upcoming promotions for the company.

Stand Out

To be successful, a small business will need to stand out from the bigger companies. Therefore, small businesses will need to use some creative marketing strategies to succeed. The time of the year can offer many opportunities to become creative with marketing. For instance, holiday shoppers will be looking for bargains and suggestions. A small business can use these facts to promote new items through the social networks. Making it easier for customers to find great deals during certain times of the year will have more customers coming back to check on new inventory. The product can be offered with incentives, such as special shipping or discounts if purchased by a certain time.

Look Locally

A small business will also want to find customers that are in the local area. A company can become involved in local events in the area to let the local people become familiar with the company’s products. For instance, many towns host festivals during the year. This offers a great opportunity for a small business to set up a table with some of the products. The business can hand out brochures with the company information to advertise the business. If the budget allows, a company can include some free promotional items to give to each person that visits the table. In addition, individuals can drop a business card into a box or fill out a prepared slip of paper for a drawing for a great prize. With the information on the cards, a small business can create a new customer database and new sales.

Connect with Other Entrepreneurs

A small business will want to work with other entrepreneurs in the local area. Networking with these businesses can be beneficial to all of the businesses. Focus on creating a marketing strategy that can encourage interest from schools, churches, area businesses and other organizations. A small business can use these other establishments to help them promote a special event or product by having a special brochure or certificate displayed at one of these other businesses. The other businesses can include their names on the display. This will help them prosper from this venture as well since they will also be getting some exposure.

Be Friendly (and Carry a Business Card)

A simple way to market a small business is with a business card, a friendly smile and a handshake. A business owner will encounter many people during the week. He or she can introduce the business by giving these people a business card to advertise the company. A friendly attitude will make the person interested in checking out the company. An incentive can be offered by writing the date and offer on the back of the card. The new customer will have to visit the establishment and show the card to receive the incentive.

Marketing a business can be done without a large budget with these low-cost ideas.

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Interested to also know how much time you dedicate to networking every week?

Phil Khor

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Thanks for sharing Brenda, I like how your article covers both online and offline marketing tips. Networking in the local areas is particularly important for local businesses. It takes a can-do attitude and positive mindset, not necessarily a big budget, to want to get out there and spread the word. :)