How to Increase Sales Using The Phone-Mail-Phone Strategy

Direct Marketing

Do you know you can increase sales by maximising your appointment numbers using a Phone-Mail-Phone Strategy?

lf your sales process involves selling by way of appointment, you’ll know that the more appointments you get (with the right people) -- the more sales you'll generate. The challenge is, getting those appointments in the first place. A Phone-Mail-Phone campaign is a three step campaign that follows up with your prospects so you can secure more appointments.

Step #1 — The Initial Call — The Screener

“Good morning/afternoon I'm [your name]. I wonder if you can help me. I have here a letter that l want to send to the person in your company who is responsible for [name of function]”.

The key is to act confident and business-like and if you can do both, chances are the person on the other end of the phone will give you their details readily.

Next — say: “Thanks very much for that! Once again, my name is [name]. I’ll pop that package in the mail to [decision maker] today. So the letter covers the key issues, could you put me through to [decision maker], now please. ”

Step #2 — The Initial Call — Speaking With the Decision Maker

If at this point you get through, great. lf you don't, then call back later and ask for the person directly by name. When you do that, explain that the reason for the call is regarding some correspondence being sent to him. lf you do get through to the decision maker, here's what you say to them:

“Good morning/afternoon [Mr/Ms Name], thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I’m [your name]. I know you’re a busy woman/man so I’ll be brief. Right now I’m putting together a letter to send to you that talks about a system that boosts the profitability of companies like yours by a significant amount. I understand that your time is precious, so the purpose of my call is to very quickly determine whether this system is of relevance to your company. May I take just a minute or two to ask you two small questions about your company? That way we can work out if what I have is of relevance to you. Then — if it is, I’ll put the letter in the mail to you. If it isn’t, I won't take up your time any longer Would it be okay if we spend just two minutes talking now?”

When you say this script, speak it confidently and clearly. When you do that, you’ll convey a positive impression and your response will be positive as well. The worst that can happen is they say, “No”. But if you sound confident, there’s a very good chance they’ll at the very least let you ask your first question before cutting you off.

Step #3 — The Letter

Here’s how you might word the opening of an appointment letter:

"Hello [name], Thank you for your time on the telephone today. I appreciate how busy you were and that you took time to speak with me, and also that you expressed an interest in what I was speaking about. Based on what you mentioned on the phone, there are 3 key ways I feel we can work together with you. I'll explain them in a lot of detail in this letter…"

Step #4: The Follow-up Call

There is one VITAL step that needs to occur after you send the letter. It’s absolutely vital that you follow up with a telephone call -- ideally after two days. Don't assume that people will call you to arrange an appointment. They won't.

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