5 Ways to Make Your Life Story a Best Seller

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If you have a desire to live large, but you have been playing small, it’s okay. Every life is a story and you still have time to make yours a best seller. Perhaps you have stepped out of your comfort zone once or twice to play big and then stepped back into safety, and that’s okay too. It’s just never okay to stop desiring the life that you’ve always wanted or to stop trying. It’s not okay to think that your time is over, that you’re too insignificant or not qualified enough to get what you want most in life.

“You can get anything you want. It doesn’t take talent or luck to succeed, you just need to decide.” – Marie Forleo

Make the choice and go for what you want. Because when you own your power to be the director of your life, you shine bright as a star. My frustration is brilliant men and women who play small and who don’t recognize their own potential. Remember, you were created to live large – with dreams to pursue and ideas to share. Stop waiting for someone to validate, promote or discover you. Make a fresh start. Your time is now!

If you believe in anything, believe in yourself and the power you have within you.

5 Ways to Make Your Life a Best Seller

  1. Bet on Yourself
    No one else is going to build the life you want for you. Become your own best friend instead of your worst enemy and cheerlead yourself to the life you’ll love to live. The most amazing people and opportunities will show up along the way, but you need to make the first bet… on yourself.
  2. Dream BIG
    What is the dream you won’t even allow yourself to consider for a second because it seems so impossible, so unrealistic, decadent or insane? Allow yourself to envision this dream in all its juicy deliciousness. See and feel yourself in it, and savor the moment.
  3. You Are Ready
    Because you are brilliant and have such high standards; you see every part of your idea that is not yet perfect. Stop waiting to be ready, stop gathering more information, qualifications or experience, and start playing the game. We still would have been in the dark, if Thomas Edison waited until his idea for the light bulb was perfect before he started. Let your light shine.
  4. Standing Ovation or Tomatoes
    When you take risks, sometimes you’ll get a standing ovation and other times people will throw tomatoes. There are no great leaders, authors or innovators who don’t have raving fans and harsh critics. Get used to wins and losses, getting call-backs or being ignored. Start growing your thick skin, go out and try again.
  5. 10,000 Hours
    In the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell says that it roughly takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in any field after studying highly successful people. The study found that ‘natural talent’ didn’t play any role. There was only a direct statistical relationship between the hours of practice and achievement.

There are no shortcuts and no ‘naturals’ in life. Simply people who focus, put in the work, take risks and then ‘get lucky’. How close are you to achieving mastery in your life and work?

Are you working on a best seller life or will your book of life not be approved for publishing?

“Make the choice and go for what you want. Because when you own your power to be the director of your life, you shine bright as a star. - Tweet this!

Alicia Menkveld

Director at Alicia Menkveld International

Alicia Menkveld, an entrepreneur for more than 16 years, loves to travel and lived on three continents to date. She’s an inspirational speaker, twice-published author and performance coach. She helps people to be more confident and reach their full potential in their personal and professional lives. She offers a complete range of training workshops and coaching services to help you and your organisation win at work and in life.

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Very true and motivational. The first thing is deciding what you want, without knowing that setting direction is near impossible. A quote that I used just this past week is one of my favorite from the movie "Inception". "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." Small dreams fall back to seeming "safe", but they may still not provide the life you want. I have two other thoughts that I often share on this very matter. 1. The biggest risk you face is not risking anything at all. 2. The world needs more originals and fewer copies. Step out into your own and embrace the journey not just the end result. You'll learn more along the way than you ever will once you arrive.

Preetha S

Preetha S

Another great sharing Alicia. As with other articles of yours this one too moves and inspires the reader. Thank You.