4 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant vs. a Project-Based Freelancer

Virtual Assistance

If you've already used UpWork to outsource freelancers for time-consuming tasks or projects that fall outside of your expertise, you might think it's ridiculous to even consider hiring a full-time virtual assistant.

Why would you?

Wouldn't that mean you'll be stuck with just one worker who has to be paid a fixed amount every month no matter if you really needed them or not? Who is crazy enough to do that? Well, it turns out it's not such a crazy idea. 

Why should I hire a full-time virtual assistant?

There are 4 reasons why you should hire a full-time virtual assistant instead of a project-based freelancer:

  1. Talented workers are looking for stability
  2. You don't have to train workers over and over again
  3. There is someone to step in when you feel overwhelmed 
  4. Full-time workers are more proactive

1. Talented workers are looking for stability

The most hard-working and talented people don't really want to count on UpWork to earn their living. UpWork has very strict rules, poorly enforced, and huge commissions. If a freelancer's account is flagged, for any reason, they can't bid on new projects, can't withdraw the money they worked for, can't even communicate with their clients. It's not the type of platform they want to use in the long term.

For example, if you pay $30 to a freelancer, UpWork will take $4 as the fee for that amount, before transferring the money to the freelancer's PayPal account. If the freelancer wants to withdraw the money from PayPal to their credit card, they'll have another fee to pay, this time of around $2.50.

So, the freelancer loses almost 22% of the money they worked for, which isn't really fair for someone that already bid a small amount to increase their chances of getting the project.

Sure, you'll find some great workers from time to time, but they'd be happier and less stressed if they wouldn't have to rely on UpWork to find work.

2. You don't have to train workers over and over again

Not only that it can become annoying to explain the same thing to different people, but it also eats up valuable time when you should spend it on more profitable things. It's impossible for workers to come up with solutions that would improve the way your business works since they can only see the tiny bit you're outsourcing for that project.

3. There is someone to step in when you're overwhelmed

Have you ever been so busy you don't even have the time to explain to someone else what they could do to help you out? If you didn't experience this, you're lucky. Most business owners, especially solopreneurs, complain when the going gets tough, they have to make superhuman efforts to get going. With a full-time remote assistant, you'd always have someone to step in and ease your workload.

4. Full-time workers are more proactive

To be proactive, employees and contractors need to have all the facts. That's only true when they're working full-time for your company. That way, they are going to do their best to streamline your business and make their own work more efficient.

$900 per month can get you a full-time remote worker from the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Cambodia or other developing countries where the young workers have excellent English proficiency and sound work ethics. People who are now in their twenties in different countries are more alike than ever before.

Technology made this happen and now the youngsters in Poland or the Philippines have more in common with the youngsters in the US and Australia than they have with their own parents.

For employers, this brings something truly amazing: access to a global talent market in which the amounts that would never be considered to be real salaries for the Western world represent above-average monthly pays for developing countries.

This helps people who otherwise would harm their health and mental comfort to get the help they need to grow their business and keep following their entrepreneurial venture, being able to hire more local staff when their cash flow would allow it.

Irina Iliescu

Comms Specialist at Remote Workmate

Irina is an online communications specialist and small business sidekick. She has worked in digital marketing for 8 years and now advocates for a more open global labour marketplace that would allow small business owners to access great talent no matter where in the world those specialists live.