Wendy Huang Interview - SavvySME, Episode #42 on The Peter Montgomery Show

Wendy Huang Interview - SavvySME, Episode #42 on The Peter Montgomery Show

Today on the show: Wendy Huang is the head of digital marketing at SavvySME™. An online community marketplace that is all about helping Australian small and medium business operators connect and collaborate to find information, practical advice and discounted business essentials.

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Wendy Huang


Wendy Huang Interview - SavvySME On The Peter Montgomery Show

SavvySME is an online social platform where you can access information and practical advice easily. We have the best team of business thinkers, innovators, coaches, trainers, experts and influencers. We've negotiated the best deals so you can save your business money. 

Members earn reward points and enjoy even more discounts on their purchases. Who are we? We're a team of entrepreneurs, small business owners and business consultants. Like many small businesses, we struggled to find the information and help we needed on a day-to-day basis, promptly. So we started SavvySME to help businesses just like yours to connect, learn and collaborate with other like-minded businesses in Australia. 

Our goal is to give Australian business owners the resources and support needed to excel because we believe small businesses will always be the lifeblood of our economy and central to our Australian way of life.   

If you haven't already, I highly 'highly' (YES, I wrote it twice on purpose!) recommend you join today and experience what SavvySME can do for your business! Click here  


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Ian Mackenzie

Ian Mackenzie, Founder at

Great video. In fact its the reason I learnt about this website and have just joined!

Michelle Nichols

Michelle Nichols, Owner & Virtual Executive Assistant at

Great interview and good overview of what SAVVY SME is about. Thank you Peter & Wendy.

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