8 Reasons Why You Should LOVE Your Brand


After 25 years in design and marketing, building brands for a multitude of companies large and small, I’m realistic enough to know that not everyone, in fact not many people, want a brand they love. In fact, most people just want a brand that works, or deep down, just get the damn job done so they can get on with doing the job they love, or get on with making money… So why should you love your brand…?

It’s worth pointing out at this point that when I say brand, I mean the whole brand -- not just the logo. It’s a common misconception that your brand is your logo, or your brand is what you look like. Whilst this is part of your brand, over the next few weeks, you’ll learn the big picture about branding and see that your logo and image is only a small (but important part) in your whole brand story.

For many, I understand that the actual process of building a brand can mean time, energy and money spent on a frustrating process that they really don’t understand. All too often, faith (and money) is placed in well-meaning but un-qualified hands of designers, only to receive work that doesn’t fit the bill, because of lack of understanding on either party, or simple apathy in getting involved in the process.

And I’ve seen it over and over again. Quick-fix brands built overnight on a shoestring are quickly replaced multiple times, which means thousands of dollars poorly spent and many hours of wasted time.

I’ve seen all sides of business, from single startups to multi-nationals go through the ups and downs of branding and my aim is to help you create a brand that works for you and your business. In fact, my aim is to one step further and help you create a brand you love.

Here are 8 really good reasons why you should WANT to LOVE your brand…

1. It is a direct reflection of you 

Your brand reflects you and all the hard work and passion that you’ve poured into your business. You do a lot of work behind the scenes to make your business successful. You spend your precious time developing amazing products and services. The last thing you want is a brand that lets you down. Brands that poorly sell or inaccurately reflect your quality and passion are letting you down – big time.

2. It will help you connect to those who need you most 

A clear and well thought out brand will be your direct route to the customers that need you most. If you love what you do and are great at what you do, then you deserve to find the people who need you. Spending the time to craft a brand that reflects your passion means your brand will speak directly to the audience who will appreciate you the most.

3. You'll get paid more

You’ll attract more people who will happily pay you for what they’re worth! It's quite commonly known now that people will HAPPILY pay more for a brand that they perceive to be better quality. In fact people seek it out. How often have you turned something down because it was too cheap. Something that is priced and branded poor quality will often put people off, so if your product or service is good quality, then your brand must reflect it and you'll attract the people that appreciate and demand good quality.

4. It will help you create a lifestyle you love 

Your brand will allow you to create a business and lifestyle you love. A brand extends into avenues that deliver your message far and wide and, if created effectively, will allow you leverage and leverage is that golden nugget that gives you freedom and flexibility. 

5. It will inspire you to grow 

A good brand is built to allow you room to grow. It’s built on vision and plans for the future, so it’s natural to want to develop skills and confidence to deliver on that promise. Love your brand and you will be inspired to be more and do more.

6. It will instill confidence and pride   

A brand you love, is a brand you connect with and a brand you connect with is a brand you can sell with confidence and pride. You will begin to deliver your offerings with pride, knowing that they follow your values and work towards your vision and fulfill your mission.

7. It will help you do what matters most    

If you’re connected to your brand, you’re connected to your business and that means you’re spending your time doing what matters most. Living a fulfilling and purposeful life. 

8. It will help you make better decisions 

Make confident decisions about what your business stands for, what to offer, what to say no to. You'll be able to eliminate doubt around your decisions, you’ll know what’s best for your business and for you.

To love your brand means to enjoy greater levels of clarity, confidence and calm to focus on what matters most. Remember it’s not what you do, but how well you tell people what you do that really matters when it comes to branding.

Sandy Archer

Creative Director at

As a Brand Consultant for over 30 years, I enjoy working with passionate, visionary people building authentic brands that have a positive impact on the world.
 Brands are an essential vehicle for delivering powerful and life changing messages.Today, more than ever, you need to remain relevant and speak directly to your audience, the ones that will truly value what you do. I go the extra mile to understand my clients. This enables me to develop a thorough, well researched and authentic brand.

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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Really well written article. Thanks for sharing.