My Story: It's Never "Just Business"

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My Story: Its Never Just Business

You will have heard the saying, "Business is business" which implies that personal feelings and sentiment mustn't enter the equation. I believe this could not be further from the truth.

Many years ago I started out as a small business owner with a young family. I was facing a "sink or swim" situation to turn my business as a corporate magician around. To help my business venture at the time, I found and turned to online marketing, initially Google AdWords to be specific, and was instantly hooked.

The digital wave has arrived and I was learning to surf it. My once "sink or swim" situation turned into a profitable business which enabled me to provide for my family. But what I had found was an enormous knowledge gap that many small to medium business owners still face today. Having found an advertising method which finally delivered, I felt an obligation and a sense of purpose to share my new-found knowledge.

The technology curve is moving at a rate that SMEs are struggling to keep up with and having recognised this and my passion for online marketing, I started my company, SponsoredLinX.

Through rigorous trial and error, I have developed a business formula which can be adapted to suit the needs of any business model. It is this formula which forms the framework of the SponsoredLinX ethos and all of the work we carry out for our clients. It is Traffic > Conversion > Retention.


We aim to deliver relevant traffic to your website from a multitude of online sources. Whether it is Pay Per Click advertising like Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media channels such as Facebook or through a compelling website experience; the first step of the equation is to deliver relevant traffic to your website.


The second aspect of the equation strives to help you streamline and simplify your online processes to enable the best environment for online conversions. With traffic now in abundance, this step aims to ensure that your leads can transform into profitable sales.


The final goal is to retain the customers you have put time and effort into attaining and we achieve this through the continual engagement of your customers. Building a loyal customer base ensures that the work you put in during the initial phase of the Traffic > Conversion > Retention formula equals customers who continue to buy your products, or use your service, time and time again.

I discovered Traffic > Conversion > Retention because of a deeply rooted need and passion to help my business grow. With now over nine years experience, and still growing strong, the Traffic > Conversion > Retention ethos is not only relatable, but it provides a strategy, business navigation and context to the online marketing journey.

Building SponsoredLinX around this business model and the values it encompasses is the exact reason why we have a no contract business standard. It's ethical and honest and makes SponsoredLinX 100% accountable for the results we deliver to our clients.

People deal with people, which is why I am committed to educating small to medium business owners about the Traffic > Conversion > Retention ethos and how this tried and true method can help your business grow.

Next year will mark a decade for SponsoredLinX, and the company is today recognised as a leader in digital marketing and technology in Australia. The company has become an incubator for young Brisbane talent and we have recently moved into larger premises in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane to accommodate our further expansion. Over the years, I have looked to implement internal structures to support the business' rapid growth and balance the requirement to keep abreast of new digital technologies. I leverage the internal knowledge pool with real-life exposure to small business challenges, promoting "innovation" as a core internal value.

I believe the sharing of knowledge and experiences is key to ensuring sustainable growth in the digital sector, so I have encouraged SponsoredLinX employees to challenge the traditional workspace in order to create the best environment possible for this to happen. I also challenge you to do the same with your own workplaces. 

Ben Bradshaw

Founder & CEO at SponsoredLinX