Did you know that your parents are spying you on your Facebook?

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Yes they do. If you are friend with your parents on Facebook – it is not just to be ‘friend’. 43% of parents check out their kid’s profile daily! In our increasingly digital world, it is difficult for parents to monitor their children’s activities – so perusing social media is an obvious solution.

Did you know that your parents are spying you on your Facebook?


What your parents check the most on your profile?

- Status updates and photos you are tagged in.

So you might think twice before you tag yourself at that crazy party last night!

- An another statistic: 92% of parents are Facebook friends with their kids.

- 1 in 2 parents on Facebook admit part of why they joined was to keep tabs on their kids.

Be surprised to know:

- 45% of parents look at their kids Facebook profile daily

- 31% do it 4 to 5 times per week

- 14% look sporadically

- 11% check once per month

- 1% never

They are an estimated 7.5 million kids age 13 or younger on Facebook. 65% of 13-year-olds initiate friendship with their parents on the social network. By the time, they’re 20, only about 40% of kids wil friend request their parents.

1 in 3 teens on Facebook say they’re embarrassed by comments left by their parents. In fact, 30% say they would ‘unfriend’ them if they could! But whether you friend them or not, your parents are on Facebook to stay :)

This post is dedicated to all spying parents, mine included :)

Frederique Bros

Founder & Editor at Women Love Tech

Frederique Bros is the founder and main editor of the lifestyle technology online magazine Women Love Tech. Freddie has over 10 years experience within the digital world. Born in France, she lives in Sydney, Australia.

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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

LOL, I think my parents gave up spying on me ages ago. I'm a lost cause. :) Awesome article, thanks for sharing Frederique.

Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros, Founder & Editor at Women Love Tech

To Phil, very funny but trust me even at 30 something if you are friend with your parents on FB they will check your updates :) you have been warned lol!