Technology Can Save an SME From Drowning

Information Technology

So you want to run a company but it's pretty much just you, or you and a couple of other people? You're probably trying to make everything happen all at once, and you certainly risk becoming stretched far too thin. There is however, a vast array of tools and software that can be put to good use by entrepreneurs and SMEs to assist them in their work.


Ram Castillo of explains that his company is run to the extent possible by himself alone, which is clearly not an easy feat. Hence what he calls his "conscious need to set up as many automated systems and remote based enablers as possible." For a small business the opportunities technology provides is immense, but making full use of it is not always possible. The use of automated systems like IFTTTT provides the SME with assistance where it's most needed.


Expanding through innovation

The digital market obviously presents great opportunities to SMEs for expansion with a fraction of the cost that an IRL expansion might require. Castillo argues the technology enables his concept to be easily converted into a larger venture without the company having to compromise quality. The idea is to evolve the current business into new areas, including webinars; which has the potential for a networking experience.


"All can be delivered and consumed from a 1:1 standpoint and a 1:1000 standpoint without diluting a valuable experience."


Innovative staffing solutions

Where a large company might be in a much greater position than a small business however is quite simply money. Hiring staff or interns is laborious, not to mention potentially expensive.


Technologies that enable people to work from a distance is a god-send to entrepreneurs who need work to be done but can’t afford to keep staff idling in the halls when there just isn't enough actual work to justify it. Software like Act! And Nimble make it easier for SMEs to hire staff and manage your team in the most efficient way possible by combining we-based platforms with social media and CRM (customer relationship management).


GiantThinkers employs a team of freelancers who work regularly but are employed for projects. They include audio engineers, editors and others, in addition to an assistant who works part-time. A large company might just have these people on hand but for an entrepreneur the funds for that are probably non-existent, or might be better spent elsewhere for the time being. The ingenuity of entrepreneurs is what enables them to compete with the giants of the business world. For people who work in fields where full-time work is hard to come by and instead you work on a portfolio that serves as your business card, SMEs are a thriving job market, even if you often work by project rather than being on the payroll.


The advantage of being David, rather than Goliath

As a small business you can make use of innovation. An SME has the chance to create a company culture that derives its strength from its flexibility rather than trying to mimic what a larger business might do. The personality of the small business is imbued with an authenticity that is priceless.


Done is better than perfect

Technology will help you get your business up and running quick to prevent losing out when it comes to making a place for yourself.


Castillo mentions looking to peers within the SME community for inspiration on how to run your business but warns against making constant comparisons. His advice is to "use what you have and what you know then do what you can with it. Improve as you go. Done is better than perfect."

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