Innovative tools for SMEs: time to rethink your deliveries

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Innovative tools for SMEs: time to rethink your deliveries

Technology gives you greater control of your services

When you're trying to establish your business it's vital that your packages not only arrive exactly when they should but also that they are delivered how they should; and for that to happen you need some control over the delivery.


To entrust packages to the post or to couriers can be a troublesome endeavour as there is a sense that by handing your package over you're quite literally putting your company in someone else's hands. If the delivery system is not up to scratch this reflect poorly on you, unfair though it may be. An SME or an entrepreneur wanting to build a name should be careful to assess their options before they make a decision. It may seem trivial, but a brand is built of many aspects and not all of them are what you might call "big picture."


Should you bother using a courier?

Not everyone thinks a courier is necessary, and simply prefer using the mail instead. There are of course options to get your goods sent relatively quickly through the mail but it's not a viable option if you depend on same-day delivery, and certainly not if you need something delivered urgently.


There are plenty of courier services, but a real issue is transparency. You need to know just who you are hiring, and not simply in terms of the company but the couriers themselves. Even if they are not part of your company, anyone associated to your name in any way can either be an asset or a detriment to your reputation.


Deliver through an app

Apps have the advantage of productivity without being cumbersome or rigid. They can be adapted to suit your needs and functions, and you can easily connect without much legwork being needed on your part. The flexibility of an app offers great opportunities for SMEs to get their services to their clients. Not only is it convenient for customers and clients; it's also as efficient as possible.

Innovative tools for SMEs: time to rethink your deliveries

An app that reaches the specific customers a company targets is an unparalleled way to offer them the best version of what they're looking for without there being any unnecessary interference. It's a way to market your product directly to your chosen segment. A US marketing study estimates that almost three quarters of American SMEs are using mobile technology in some form for their business, and it's not too far fetched to imagine that Australian companies are doing the same (or at least they should be). Basically it's come to the point where resistance is futile; you need some kind of mobile technology for your business.


The you-know-who of couriers

The term Uber has quickly become short-hand for anything using an app to connect buyers and sellers of services, and while it might be slightly overused, PPost is probably one of the few companies where to moniker suits. It's an app-based courier service created to address the issues frequently faced by its founders when using couriers for their business. The idea was to be efficient and service minded, and to ensure the businesses using their courier were happy with their hire, but also something that could be affordable for a small business owner or even a private individual.

Run by a company of fewer than ten, they are in many ways emblematic of the impact a small company can have by making good use of technology, but also by implementing their own experiences. Previous work gave the PPost founders the insight that there was room for improvement with couriers and they knew exactly what was missing. Services are designed to be transparent as well as efficient, saving fretful business owners the worry that their parcel will not be handled carefully. The use of an app is the ideal way for business owners to handle deliveries by having the control that is needed, and the transparency that has previously been missing. The PPost website and app lets the user see the courier they will be hiring, along with his or her rating. For a business wanting to use couriers it's an addition to the standard service that can make a significant impact on how your company is perceived.


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