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Small business used to have a simple formula in the old days. You sell a product or service that someone wants and you earn a profit. These days, it is not that simple. There are so many extra things you can do for your business to improve your brand and your sales. The buzz word these days is “Content.” No matter who I speak to, marketers, SEO companies, entrepreneurs, they always tell me to create content.

Content is basically information that you provide which can be distributed on the web. Examples of content are Blogs, Videos, Press releases, Audio and Articles to name just a few. When you create content you want to give value to your clients. What you say must make a difference to someone’s life. For example, someone may write a blog titled “7 easy ways to lose weight.”

By producing this content (blog) not only is you helping people who are interested in losing weight, you also are establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. Human beings gravitate to experts. If I read a good blog, I will look forward to the next one from that person. At the same time, I will gain interest in what that person is trying to sell. Like it or not, the name of the game is to sell you something. That is what most people who blog try to do and there is nothing wrong with that. By supplying content, you are able to form a relationship with your audience.

This doesn’t happen overnight but at the same time it is not difficult. Content once a week for a small business is enough. Go to other people’s blogs and make comments. When you make a comment, have a link going back to your website. By posting blogs yourself and making comments on other people’s blogs, you are leaving foot prints online. The more foot prints you leave, the more your profile rises and more importantly, brings traffic to your website.

Anthony Khoury

Owner at The Small Business Doctor

Aspiring entrepreneur and marketer. Loves building start ups and small business in general. Just released a book called The Beach Bum Millionaire: How to build a Million Dollar Business The Lazy Way


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Phil Khor

Phil Khor, Founder at

Great article - short and sweet! Thanks for sharing Anthony.

Vahe Arabian

Vahe Arabian, SEO Consultant at Online Marketing Works

Not only do you leave a footprint of your profile online, but you are trying to demonstrate that you are a subject matter on your professional background. Thanks for the post Anthony

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