Top 5 myths of moving your business to "The Cloud"

Cloud Computing

Are you scared of making the switch to the cloud for your business? Has your previous research left you confused and on the fence about the move?

There is a lot of information out there discussing the cloud, but it is hard to know what sources to trust. To help you determine what is right for your business here are my top 5 myths that surround the cloud.

1. "Everything must be in the cloud"

Depending on the business, a complete move to the cloud is not always the solution. It is important to evaluate each area of your business and identify what is working and what is not working. If certain areas of your business seem to be slowing in productivity and efficiently then a shift of these low performing features to the cloud may be the best option.

You may find that accounting is best kept on your server, while file storage and Microsoft Office is better suited to the cloud. The cloud can offer certain collaborative benefits that can increase productivity in your workplace.

There is no need to be scared of a hybrid cloud business, as this option is becoming increasingly more common, especially as we continue through 2016. Moving elements of your business to the cloud can help assess its success, and cloud expansion to the remaining areas of your business is always future possibility.

2. "Cloud migration costs a fortune"

Cloud migration can cost as little $99 per user, depending on what areas of your business you decided to move to the cloud. Cloud computing is all about the long term benefits. Once the move is made, your business has reduced its need for hardware and software maintenance, saving money in the process.

Long-term findings have highlighted that 82 percent of businesses reveal they are actually saving money thanks to a cloud move.

3. "The cloud is not as secure as other methods"

This is a myth that gets thrown around a lot and is one that stops many businesses from taking their business to the next level. Security is the number one priority of cloud storage and computing, especially with recent conversation surrounding cyber security becoming an increasingly more prominent talking point in 2016. In the case of many cloud hosting providers, the data that you store is completely controlled by you and your business.

Business cloud users will know where the data is and who is accessing it at all times. Over the years extensive auditing processes have been implemented to ensure that all data stays safe and private. In addition, there are helpful 24/7 support services that can answer concerns at any time. To ensure the best security of your data it is very important to seek advice from cloud-solutions company that understands your needs.

4. "Migrating into the cloud is more hassle than it is worth"

Depending on the organisation some cleansing and architectural issue management may be required before making the move, particularly if you are currently working on very old servers. In saying that, moving to the cloud is relatively pain-free, especially if you work in partnership with a trusted and experienced cloud provider. It can all happen quickly and seamlessly with minimal downtime. The short-term inconvenience should not outweigh the long-term benefits of greater efficiency, cost effectiveness and ultimately a business that is future-proofed no matter what changes the market brings.

5. "Cloud technology is still in its early stages of development"

A recent ISACA study revealed that cloud computing is fast approaching maturity. Within the next four years, you can expect to see constant innovation at an ever increasing pace and continued refinement which will ensure cloud computing meets the needs of every size and type of business. Those that choose to harness the cloud will now be those that that reap the long term rewards.

With these myths well and truly busted, your business can make a more informed decision when it comes to taking the first step towards cloud migration for business in 2016. 

Gavin Keane


I am a cloud computing expert and Managing Director of Cloud Made Simple. My team and I aim to make cloud migration a simple and cost effective choice for Australian SMEs. A competitor at heart, I work hard to give my clients winning cloud solution packages for their business. While the field of technology and online services is ever changing, I have enjoyed learning an developing my skills in the technology solutions industry over the past 15 years.

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Lina Barfoot

Lina Barfoot, Editor at SavvySME

Great article! One objection to cloud computing that I've hear often is that people think it will just be too difficult (which I don't think it would) move to cloud computing. I think for a lot of companies it's worthwhile even if it requires a little bit of extra work.

Lisa Ormenyessy

Lisa Ormenyessy, Business Coach and Marketing Specialist at

Great Article Gavin. The beauty of point four is that it forces you to clean up your filing system too!