Team Building in Sydney: How to Beat the Corporate Training Doldrums

Team Building in Sydney: How to Beat the  Corporate Training Doldrums

Team building is one of those corporate training moments that results in a few eye rolls and sighs from employees however it needn’t be that way.

To facilitate effective team building in Sydney, it’s vital that you understand that any company is only as good as the team behind it. In essence, unless your employees feel valued, recognised and motivated, any team building activity will flounder back in the workplace and the ongoing benefits will dissipate.

Creating a team building event that doesn’t place employees in an awkward, nerve-wracking or uncomfortable situation can be a science – which is something Beyond the Boardroom has been perfecting and adapting over the years throughout Australia since we ran out first team building event in 2005.

3 Key Factors for Successful Corporate Training

Regardless of the size, goals or budget of your company, effective team building needs 3 key factors to be successful – it must have a purpose, it must be challenging and it must be fun!

Beyond the Boardroom has a portfolio of key industry partners we work with who are committed to providing an exceptional corporate training experience for all of our clients, whether you are a group looking for a 1-hour session, a 1-day activity or a multiple day challenge.

Some of the broad range of activities we offer include Food and Wine Activities (wine tasting, Masterchef, Ready Steady Cook), Charity challenges (Build a bike, Cubby Houses, Happy Hampers), Survivor and Amazing Race-themed events and Training and Development Workshops (Presentation Skills, Leadership).

Aside from the objectives and budget of your group, Beyond the Boardroom takes into account each company’s participants – fitness level, abilities etc to tailor a program that allows for maximum participation and results for you.

Why Team Building is Essential to Any Company

Team building can be viewed by employees with a negative tone and it is thought that over 31% of employees hate team building (statistic: Citrix). To break this mold, it can help to get away from the office environment and participate in an organised activity with a purpose and strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

By booking your corporate training in Australia with Beyond the Boardroom you are entrusting us with the opportunity to reconnect your employees to each other, inspire them with challenging team activities and boost company morale by participating in interactive group sessions that are fun.

We are adept at tailoring one-of-a-kind events and are happy to pave the way as a leading team building provider in Sydney and other key Australian cities including Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

From joining a challenge that aids a charity to pulse-raising adventure activities, team building is an essential part of any company because it brings together staff who will use their individual skills to problem solve, assess situations, work to resolve conflicts and contribute to a successful outcome.

If you have ideas about what your company wants to achieve through team building in Sydney, contact Beyond the Boardroom today to discuss your perfect activity.

Luke Talbot-Male

MD at Beyond the Boardroom

Hi! I own Beyond the Boardroom - a team building provider Australia. We operate Nationally and our head office is in South Australia.

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Lina Barfoot

Lina Barfoot, Editor at SavvySME

Great article, some interesting ideas on how you might keep training days dynamic rather dull. It seems they can have a tendency to be somewhat perfunctory instead of being fun, and I think as you suggested, you probably have to invest a little bit in them for it to be worthwhile. My question to you is, how do you recommend dealing with people who aren't particularly outgoing? If you're in a group environment and some people aren't really joining in/contributing, how would you address it?