Innovative Solutions: 5 Signs your Business is ready for a Cloud Solution

Cloud Computing

Do you feel like your business is constantly running into technology barriers, your employees are having difficulty getting on the same page, or are feeling like your workplace could use a productivity jumpstart?

If your business resonates with anything on this list, then it may be time for a change. These major signs may help evaluate your business and determine if a move to the cloud is the right decision.

1. You find it difficult to control and maintain your on-site hardware

Today’s ever-changing technology landscape can cause difficulties when trying to maintain and control business hardware. Your on-site IT specialist may be overworked with all of the repairs required to ensure the hardware is functioning to the best of its ability, especially if it is over 5 years old. With the help from a licensed service provider, you can eliminate maintenance costs with a cloud for business solution. No need for constant monitoring, this will now be a job for the service provider, processes will become easier with seamless updates and the peace of mind that all of your files are safe and secure in the cloud.

2. You hate the hassle, the cost and the time-consuming nature of renewing your office software

Office software is a necessity for a business to function but it can be a pain to update. The cost of a software renewal can be unpredictable and come at the most inconvenient times. Not to mention the on-site installation of new software on to each computer that can take up valuable working time. A cloud solution is flexible and more importantly predictable, you will know exactly how much you need to pay and when you need to pay it. All the rest is done for you. The updates are automatic and effortless this ensures that it does not disrupt your productivity. A solution like Office 365 ensures that you are working on the most up-to-date version of your programs at all times.

3. Your business is experiencing rapid growth

Perhaps your business experienced unexpected trading peaks in the past year. It has been hard to keep up with the hardware maintenance during this period, the costs are now crippling further business growth. In this scenario a cloud solution would work wonders, in both streamlining business practices and reducing IT costs. Cloud computing can grow with your business and equally downsize with your business depending on your circumstances. This is great for start-ups who are unsure of where they will be in a year. On site hardware does not provide this kind of flexibility and can be quite expensive to upgrade.

4. You want to improve your B2B communication

A cloud solution can greatly improve your business to business communication and collaboration. There are many cloud applications that are made to promote collaboration. A platform such as SharePoint can help staff access the same files, share knowledge and collaborate on projects. A collaborative system like this gives you the ability to control who has access to the site by allowing the admin to invite people to collaborate provided they have an approved login. This can help with project management and project progress monitoring between two businesses.

For example: If you are an architecture firm working with a construction company, you can set up a SharePoint folder to monitor the build progress and ensure the construction team is sticking to the plans. Fast and instant communication in a space that is specifically focused on individual projects.

5. You are constantly on the go and find it difficult to collaborate with colleagues

Finally, in this fast paced modern world more and more businesses are introducing mobile practices. This may mean that staff members are constantly away from the office or have integrated mobile devices such as tablets to enhance certain trading processes. If this sounds like your business then a solution like Skype for Business can help keep your staff connected. Cloud applications provide continuous content syncing ensuring everyone has access to the most updated version of files. Cloud emails keep on-the-go employees connected to colleague’s in the office, with the ability to access their inbox on any device.

There is no doubt that cloud computing is the way of the future for business technology, especially in 2016. But before you jump straight in, it is worth noting that not all applications can be virtualised. Do your research and make sure that a cloud move will be worth it for your business. It is helpful to keep your options open, you may stumble across a better cloud alternative to the applications you currently employ. 

Gavin Keane


I am a cloud computing expert and Managing Director of Cloud Made Simple. My team and I aim to make cloud migration a simple and cost effective choice for Australian SMEs. A competitor at heart, I work hard to give my clients winning cloud solution packages for their business. While the field of technology and online services is ever changing, I have enjoyed learning an developing my skills in the technology solutions industry over the past 15 years.