Social Media Management Tips for Building up Online Presence

Social Media Marketing

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are excellent methods for improving the generation of traffic. They are exceptional platforms for connecting and engaging with new customers as well as the new ones. These sites can also help you build up the credibility and reputation for your business.  
Of course, you need the proper social media management strategy for leveraging the complete potential of these sites. Here are a few tips to help you with that.
Building up Reputation
Businesses that are seen as authorities in their own niche have a higher chance of being a success. In order to become an authority in your niche, you will have to build up your reputation and credibility. Social media offers an excellent avenue to achieve that and here is how you can do it.


  • Share good content that is relevant to your business and niche,
  • Make use of marketing collateral to your benefit.
  • Engage and converse with your followers and fans.

Connect With Other Business Professionals

In the online world, success often depends on the network and relationships you have with others. For that reason, you need to connect with other professionals in your niche so that the network can be leveraged better.


  • Social media sites have options for groups and communities. Create or join a relevant group to kick start your networking efforts.  
  • Share your content with the communities and share their content with your fans and followers.

Appeal to Potential Clients
In the online world, it is essential that you take the steps necessary to attract new customers and clients to your business. Therefore, implement creativity in your social media strategy so that you can remain unique.  


  • Use the social sites to tell people about the story of your business from its conception to its current stage.
  • Don’t forget to mention the things that set you apart from the other businesses.
  • Encourage your clients to interact with your business by putting forward questions.
  • Find out what problems your customers are facing and provide solutions to them.

Reuse Your Best Content
You may have already gathered more than a few newsletters, blog posts and other marketing collateral. Curate them and choose the best ones for repurposing them. Use the repurposed content in your social media efforts. You can generate awareness about your business and get new readers and customers.


  • You can curate relevant pieces of content as a series and post them on the relevant networks.
  • In a similar fashion you can create a FAQ post.

Make the Most of Your Efforts
You need the right strategy from your social media agencies or it will simply be a futile exercise and a waste of resources. The strategy should streamline your social media efforts. Don’t waste your efforts into tactics that benefit you only once. Determine what the aim of your efforts is and formulate the strategy accordingly.
Social media management can seem to be very difficult but that is only when you are unfamiliar with it. The formulation of a good management strategy simplifies it greatly.

Kevin Marshall

at SEO Shark

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Lina Barfoot

Lina Barfoot, Editor at SavvySME

Great article! Regarding choosing the right strategy, that seems to be an incredibly hard decision. Obviously if you choose a firm for this you'll get help and information but essentially it's still your decision, so it's great that there is some useful information accessible to business owners/managers.