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Digital & IT are terms that have become interchangeable but there is a big difference between the functions of each. I talk to clients all the time who confuse the two. As a digital professional I don’t create software, set up firewalls or data centres or install programs. (sorry IT guys but I hate that stuff, even though it is very necessary). So let’s clarify in lamens terms the difference between the two.

IT typically refers to 'back office' functions using technology – think of it as an engine for the business. IT includes such functions as:

Security & antivirus
Installing software and programs
Hosting and computer networks.
Smartphone and computer provisioning by your IT department.
Managing email accounts.
Help with using systems.

If IT is the engine think of digital as the experience of driving it. It's what you do with the technology and it’s more about the overall experience

Digital typically describes the modern means by which you communicate and build relationships with employees, customers and other stakeholders online. It includes functions such as:

Social media
Digital marketing.
Mobile web and apps.
Email marketing.

Digital uses technology to achieve a goal. It can be easy to confuse them as they often overlap and both consist of hardware, software & data. Just because someone has digital skills does not make them IT savvy and vice versa. Digital is focused on generating revenue on digital channels and creating a great customer experience with your brand. IT are the ones who make sure all the software works so us digital people can do our jobs effectively.

Hope that provides some clarification.

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