Why Bali is the Perfect Location for a Corporate Retreat

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For corporate retreats, nothing is as soothing as morning sunlight, scenic sunrises, beach breeze and water activities. Catching up with the nightlife can't hurt either. You have probably heard a lot about Bali as a tourist destination and while it may seem over hyped, visiting the place will definitely reveal otherwise. There are simply no other Asian destinations matching Bali’s unique predisposition and it is quite natural to top it all. You cannot get enough of your stay in the area. Its strategic isolation is only the beginning of things as you approach the city which harbors long beaches, emerald forests, mountain peaks and rocky coastlines among historic attractions. Bali attractions are breathtaking and you can learn a lot from the rich supportive culture. I strongly recommend researching possible team building activities online before your arrival. Start with Wikipedia to learn the most about the island, research Google, and you can book activities online, we found good deals on BeMyGuest. Here are just a few of the things your team can enjoy during their retreat in Bali:

Site seeing attractions

From the moment you step out of the plane, you are planning to visit the lengthy beaches and rocky coastlines when the warm air hits your face. However, there are various sites to feed your eyes before you kick off your shoes. You can take a visit to the Bird Park for the 250+ exotic bird species, or buy a ticket that takes you to Bali Safari and Marine Park inhabited by rhinos, zebras and endangered species. If you like historic sites, the Uluwatu Temples and Nusa Lembongan offer 3 day cruise ship across the sea complete with drinks and entertainment.

Enthusiast group activities

Catching the best sunrises at Mount Batur is something you cannot resist especially if it offers a chance to trek and workout in groups. Kuta Beach is always open for anyone who wants to hit the sand, or engage in water activities like rafting. They also provide surfing classes for those interested. Nusa Dua is another perfect place if you love managed water activities. They offer diving gear and allow you to have under water adventures learning how the ecosystem works. If you want group participation, you can take rafting tours to the temple market making shore stops to do some shopping at the beach markets.

Fun and leisure spots

No vacation or retreat is complete without some real leisure and fun nights, and Bali has all this cooked up in the city. From large bowling centers, to jump-till-you-drop sections, romantic garden dinners and sunset cruises, Bali offers several things to engage as individuals and groups. Ubud temple tours, nights at the Jimbaran private dinners, massages and signature spa treatment will add a touch of official professionalism to the retreat. It does not matter if you travel with a few employees or the whole crew; Bali has top rated facilities to meet everyone’s needs even when operating at full capacity. 


The list of all attractions and fun things you can do during your corporate retreat in Bali is probably inexhaustible. There are many fun centers, parks, theme parks, clubs, arenas, cultural events, enthusiast activities and scenic locations within the city. Some have actually compared Bali to Paradise lost for its strategic position and everything else is exceptional from cuisine to hospitality. It is also a safe country with low crime rates

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