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The Purple Cow by Seth Goddin

Many businesses unfortunately are the same. Everything they do is the same as everyone in their industry. Standing out from your competitors is difficult. The purple cow is all about standing out from everybody else, hence the title, the purple cow. The key to this is for your customer to have an extraordinary experience. And your product or service to be truly remarkable.

Prospects are bombarded each day by marketing messages and it is only getting worse with social media taking off. You need to get their attention. No matter what it is that you do whether it is you're pricing, the way you answer the phone, your advertising, the colors that you sue, it must be unforgettable.

Why Now it is time to CRUSH IT cash in on your passion by Gary Vaynerchuck

This book will be enjoyed by anybody no matter what their background is. It is about people who are working but deep down their passion is doing something else. An example is a school teacher who in her spare time likes to renovate homes. When you do something you're passionate about it is so much easier because it doesn't seem like a job.

There is no better time in history now to have an online business and develop content for the masses. There are millions of prospects out there who value what you have to say. Building your personal brand is a great business model. Examples are Oprah. You must be a great story teller.

You will be developing content for the masses. Most of your time will be spent following your passion, responding to other blogs and leaving a link back to your website. Social Media can take your personal brand allot cheaper than the old mass media formula.

You can make money by having affiliates, selling other people products, doing live speaking or writing a book. This will not happen overnight so you need to be patient. Chase your passion and not the money; you will be richer for it.

The 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris

This book will change the way you think about long hours and hard work. It demonstrates that most people spend allot of time being unproductive and being distracted. They don't outsource enough. By outsourcing and being less distracted by e-mails and answering the phone, you can spend your time focusing on your goals. This will result in you not having to work full time. You can literally work a few hours a week with the same result.

Although this idea is hard to fathom for most people, it will demonstrate how you can plan your week in a whole new way. This is a must read for anyone who wants to spend more of their time doing the things they love outside of work.

Anthony Khoury

at The Small Business Doctor

Aspiring entrepreneur and marketer. Loves building start ups and small business in general. Just released a book called The Beach Bum Millionaire: How to build a Million Dollar Business The Lazy Way

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Hi Anthony! Have you read The Lean Startup by any chance?