A Small Business Guide to Protecting Your Digital Assets

A Small Business Guide to Protecting Your Digital Assets

In an increasingly digital world and business environment, protecting your digital assets should be a prime consideration for any business owner.

What Is a Digital Asset?

A digital asset includes anything you own or have rights to that is accessed via the internet or any other form of digital technology.

Examples of Digital Assets for Small Businesses

Some of the main digital assets that you should have access to and control include your businesses:

  1. Domain name(s) 
  2. Hosting
  3. Website files
  4. Website login
  5. Security certificates

How to Protect Your Business's Digital Assets 

Below are some tips on how you can protect your business's important digital assets.

1. Domain name(s)

A domain name is a unique internet site address that allows people to access your website. You may have one or many domain names with different extensions (e.g. .com.au and .com). Domain names registered in Australia are governed by auDA.

These can be searched using AusRegistry to obtain important details of your domain name including the Registrar and Registrant. Overall, the details for your domain name(s) that you should obtain and store somewhere safely include:

  • a list of the domain names you own
  • the Registrar account login for each domain
  • the EEP Code for each domain name
  • ensure your details are correct as the registrant.

2. Hosting

Who is billing you for your website hosting? You can use the WhoIs tool online to look at the Name Server(s) on record for your website. Once you’ve figured out the company that hosts your website, you should ensure you have access to all of the necessary logins, such as an account login.

With all of this information, you have the most important parts covered and are well on your way to having control of your website.

3. Website files and login 

It is also important that you have and maintain a recent copy of your website files and database. Certain technologies including plugins can be used to download copies of backup files and store them in remote locations.

If you feel that these steps are outside of your technological capabilities, it is possible to hire someone to do a complete backup and have it sent to you. The cost to have this done is minimal compared to the potential cost-savings it could make for you in the future.

4. Security certificates (SSL)

Security certificates are important for businesses that conduct online eCommerce and take payments through their website. You can check whether you have one using an online SSL Examination tool. If your domain has an SSL certificate, you should keep the following information stored safely:

  • Validity date
  • Issuer Company name and details

If your certificate expires, it may result in your payment facilities being suspended. This means potential lost business! Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the expiry date of your SSL Certificate(s) and set reminders to have them renewed.


Once you have taken all of these essential steps to protect your digital assets, it is important that you store all of the information you have obtained in a safe and secure place that you will remember.

Also, as the digital world is a quickly changing environment, it is best to revisit these checks regularly to keep up to date with the digital assets of your business.

Taking these simple steps today can save you and your business a world of trouble and inconvenience later down the line. 

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I believe that securing your online accounts is important especially with all the phishing and identity theft that is rampant today. Trusting them with other people is a different thing.