What Makes Part Time Businesses Such a Lucrative Option?

Starting a Business

While some prefer to take up an 8 to 10-hour job at an office, there are others who prefer working from the comfort of their home. The perks of home-based jobs and businesses are numerous, some of which include. 

·         The ability to be flexible with your work times as per your convenience

·         Traffic is no longer a concern as there is no travel involved, absolutely no mental stress

·         Extremely economical, no need to invest in a vehicle

·         Family benefits include working at home and taking care of your child simultaneously

·         More productive than office ambiance, no chatty colleagues or unnecessary breaks


Being your own boss with part-time jobs and business

It’s important to understand the freedom that home based part time jobs can offer. Say you are a student planning to finance your higher studies, you can plan accordingly and pick a part-time home job that is suitable for you. Just about anyone passionate in their respective jobs can begin earning almost immediately. Below we will discuss some of the many jobs that you can undertake as part-time engagement.


Freelance writing can be a great career choice

To set your foot in the digital market of writing, you must first prove your worth by taking a few jobs on popular job sites. If you can deliver top content and build your portfolio, it would take just a few months for major companies to take notice of your work and hire you. To start a career in writing you need to find a genuine job portal that can deliver the best clients to you. A brilliant piece done by Faith Stewart shows why you should consider utilizing the premium service of Flexjobs. You can make your decision faster and be aware that it's legitimate.


Setup a Trading business within your premises

Trading is a successful part-time enterprise to get into, buying low and selling high has always been profitable. The real challenge is to research your products prior to buying so you don’t end up stockpiling a whole lot of unpopular products. Plenty of popular online retail chains offer a host of services such as shipping your product to the buyer for a monthly fee. Here are a few pointers as to why a business like trading can be a great part-time commitment from home.

·         Compared to other businesses requires very little investment

·         Requires just a few hours of your time daily to oversee the shipments and orders

·         Buying items during off-season and selling them while on season is a great way to maximize profits


Child Care services can be fun and profitable

A business like daycare can be quite entertaining and challenging. It requires just a few hours from your entire day to commit and will involve taking care of young kids. Many parents prefer hiring child care services to ensure their kids are safe while they can attend to urgent matters. If you love kids then being around them can be a pleasant and cheerful experience, you can also charge for services such as teaching them, feeding them, etc. A minor investment may be required to spend on toys and kiddy themed objects.


Web Developers and graphic designers are highly sought

Web developers are generally hired to oversee projects involving website creation, SEO optimization, etc. while graphic designers are tasked with working on electronic media such as motion and computer graphics. Both jobs see a massive demand on several job listing sites. If you are someone who is seriously considering involving yourself in either of these career options, then you can certainly expect a massive growth in expanding your clientele in just a few years while working just a few hours every day.


Get popular on video streaming sites by showcasing your skills

If you feel you have a unique skill that you want to show the world, then the perfect way to launch your identity is by creating a channel on popular video streaming sites such as Youtube or DailyMotion and begin making content-rich videos. Your skills could involve anything such as dancing, painting, singing, cooking, etc. You earn a part of the revenue from monetizing your videos through partner sites like Google AdSense. The more people that view your video, the more you earn. Your earnings are directly relevant to the amount of viewership. Doing this as a part-time hobby committing to a few hours daily can lead to incredible results.


Start today and secure your tomorrow

With more people opting for home-based part-time jobs and businesses over full-time careers, the choice is quite clear on why you should take your first step in getting your own home-based job today. Pay special attention to job sites that force you to pay fees upfront, these are generally scams. It’s beneficial to pay a premium fee on a popular job portal and securing top notch services than to be a victim of fraud.

Danielle Ward

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James Liddell

James Liddell at

Both freelance writing and web design are extremely competitive! trust me, they are very difficult industries to crack.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

All great information. The only thing I want to throw out is that you also need discipline and passion. It becomes very easy to slump into unmotivated habits or get caught up worrying and/or working on chores instead of your craft.