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The rise and rise of mobile commerce continues to astound most people in the ecommerce and retail sectors. Mobile phones have created and destroyed fortunes in the telecommunications industry and are in the process of doing the same in the retail and ecommerce space.

The numbers are amazing, just about everybody in the western world has a mobile and the penetration of phones in developing countries is not far behind. I remember being on a safari in the Serengeti listening to our tour guide talking on his mobile and thinking “is there anywhere where you can get away from mobile coverage?”.

The question for your business is not, if I build a mobile site will they come but how much money am I missing out on everyday by not having a mobile site. So how prepared is your business for the mobile revolution?

eBay Australia reports to sell an item every 2 seconds and vehicle every 8 minutes through mobile phones. While eBay have sophisticated mobile solutions in the market there is no doubt that people are willing to purchase items on their mobile.

PayPal rectnly reported that mobile sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday were up 196% on the same time last year, I am sure that David Jones is not reporting the same growth figures to the market.

This rapid growth is quickly being surpassed by ecommerce growth activity on tablet devices. I predict that in a few years tablets will be the main device used by consumer to conduct ecommerce.

Email is still the key driver of traffic to the mobile, which makes senses as promotional emails to merchants existing customer base drivers most ecommerce sales and most consumers now read the majority of their personal emails on their mobile.

As consumers continue to blur the lines between offline and online commerce, being online is not longer good enough. You need to join the world and go a little mobile.


Richard Brock

Richard Brock

Founder at Online Business Consulting

I founded Online Business Consulting because I am passionate about helping Australian businesses grow their ecommerce revenue. My philosophy is simple, remove the mumbo-jumbo techno language and develop actionable marketing plans that drive business success. My areas of expertise include ecommerce, mobile commerce, eBay, content marketing, digital marketing and online payments.

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Tim Greig

Tim Greig, Owner at Green Galah Pty Ltd

Mobile phone number- Indonesia - 236,800,000. population 237,556,363 - 109%. Figures from our biggest neighbour (who we continue to ignore, but let's leave that for another discussion!). The latest numbers on Wiki, 2011 show 87% (Yes, you read that correctly) of the World have mobile. So, mobiles have been BIG for a while now and in quite number of countries who slipped the whole PC/Mac thing they have mobiles, not a desktop. It is so easy to have a mobile friendly site you would be a very foolish business person to (a) be unaware of this and (b) not have one. Richard, a good observation and one businesses ignore at their peril. If I am out somewhere, and need to find something and encounter a "traditional' site I'm off it in seconds. How about everyone else? Have you got to 2011 yet...?