Mobile - is there a future for QR codes?

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QR Codes continue to provide the best link between the offline and online worlds.


QR codes get a hard time in the mobile community. They look a little ugly, it’s sort of old technology and you have to download an app to use them. There does not appear to be a lot going for them.


NFC, QR codes cousin,  is the sexy one in the family, cool technology, tap and go, it has  bright future and loved by all. There is just one small issue with NFC, next to no phone supports the technology. NCF is still mostly hype at this stage.


Both technologies attempt to solve a similar problem, bridging the gap between the offline and online worlds. Love them or not QR codes are the only solution available today to bridge this gap.


QR codes are popping up everywhere. There was a QR code on our real estate sign when our house was on sale, they are on business cards, increasing number of print ads and point of sale material now include them. I even saw a QR code on the side of a Simplicity Funerals establishment the other day.


There was a lot of hype around the PayPal trial of QR codes shopping in the metro system, people continue to scan the codes. The concept was a little before its time but not too far ahead of its time.

If you run offline advertising and have a mobile friendly site you should be adding QR codes to your promotions. It takes seconds to create a QR code but can enhance your promotion and close the call to action gap.


Lessons for your business

1. You need to have a mobile friendly site?

2. Start incorporating QR codes into your print ads and point of sale material;

3. Keep at it, if at first they don’t scan they will over time.

Happy scanning.

Richard Brock

Founder at Online Business Consulting

I founded Online Business Consulting because I am passionate about helping Australian businesses grow their ecommerce revenue. My philosophy is simple, remove the mumbo-jumbo techno language and develop actionable marketing plans that drive business success. My areas of expertise include ecommerce, mobile commerce, eBay, content marketing, digital marketing and online payments.