How to do Marketing the New Way


What currently works in marketing?

Working from the inside out. And why?  

Marketing is ever changing. Marketing 5 years ago is different to today and it will be different again tomorrow. We are changing. We expect more. We read between the lines. And we understand what we want and why we want it more than ever.

Marketing has become such a 'wishy-washy' term. In recent years the lines have blurred and it's all thanks to our changing society. What one marketer believes works is different for another. And a certain marketing strategy that works miracles for one business doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for the next. For this reason, marketing can create a headache for small business owners who are already dealing with every aspect in their business from the accounting to the end sale.  

We come across statements from marketers quite often, ‘The cost of marketing doesn’t matter - it’s the return that counts.’ While this is definitely true, they don’t factor in the following 3 main concerns for small business owners.

1. Cash flow

Most small business owners don’t actually have thousands sitting in their bank account to spend on marketing – regardless of any ‘promised’ return.

2. Risk

Small business owners have too much riding on their livelihood to sign-up to monthly marketing agency fees. Did I mention they struggle to even pay themselves some weeks?

3. Fear

The broader picture is that business owners want to grow the business, yes. But growing also means adjusting processes, staff count & the workload accordingly. No negatives here, but keep in mind that it is human nature to fear change.

At My Marketing Friend, we’ve taken into account what obstacles are faced by small business owners and stripped back on the basics of what marketing really is.

What marketing the new way means for us

Understanding that marketing is creating a strategy to meet your business goals (and that doesn’t necessarily always include a marketing ‘product’.)

Analysing the actual business and its market to successfully work from the inside out – not just applying a ‘marketing mix’ and hoping for the best.

Passing on our knowledge and experience so you can be empowered and excited to grow your business moving forward.

Finally, we believe that you can achieve anything if you have a strong vision, dedication and a way forward.

Building a business is hard work and marketing only performs if you are dedicated to your goals. Our job is not just about providing marketing strategies. It is about empowering you to get excited about your business. We will show you a way forward if you can provide the dedication and maintain a strong vision.

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Lauren Hutchin

Founder/ business manager at

Throughout Lauren’s sales and marketing career, she quickly learned that marketing was not what you’re taught and definitely not what you thought you knew. She discovered a simple business strategy that enabled fast and organic business growth—without a huge marketing budget. My Marketing Friend is all about being accessible to any start-up or small business. Their cost effective packages allow the opportunity for any business to thrive by passing on secret industry knowledge and experience.

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Alistair Lamond

Alistair Lamond at Skippr Cash Flow

Great article Lauren. Couldn't agree more. Many business owners fear and avoid what they don't know especially when it comes to cash flow. More often than not it is the last on the list of priorities even though it is the key element of the business that ensures bills can be paid, stock can be ordered, staff can be paid, staff can be hired or marketing can be ramped up. It is the lifeblood of the business. Period!

Lauren Hutchin

Lauren Hutchin, Founder/ business manager at

Thanks, Alistair!