How Automation Can Improve Your Online Business

How Automation Can Improve Your Online Business

You know your business is solid, you have a great product or service, you’ve nailed your website and you’re pretty sure you know who your customers are.

But somehow this isn’t enough.

Perhaps your business is consuming your whole life, or you feel like you’re spending every waking moment replying to emails and typing away but you’re not actually getting anything done?

Or maybe you feel that there’s no way your business can possibly grow – physically or financially - because you can’t take a five-minute time-out without it collapsing around you.

This is how I felt a few years ago and I made a conscious decision to change things.

Firstly, I realised that with an online business I could work from anywhere, and so I moved to a part of the country that suited my lifestyle, therefore saving hours each day in commuting.

I then undertook strategic research to find out how I could grow the business without it sucking the life out of me. 

How to Improve Your Online Business

There are several things you can do to improve your online business:

  1. Use Technology
  2. Automate
  3. Let Your Business Work for You

1. Use Technology

The beauty of running an online enterprise is that the technology is all there for you – you can exploit all the opportunities it offers to help you improve and streamline your processes.

There is one thing that I attribute to allowing me to grow exponentially, and take my business from zero to six figures in six months.

2. Automate

The one thing I would recommend every business, regardless of the size or sector, is to introduce automation. I can’t stress more strongly on how much automation changed my life.

By implementing a system that manages your email marketing consistently and professionally whilst allowing you to maintain the personality and tone of voice that you have cultivated your brand, your time will be freed up to concentrate on other areas.

I use Infusionsoft which works brilliantly with my business, but MailChimp is also a really user-friendly, effective tool.

With an automation tool, I can keep track of all the tens of thousands of women in my female entrepreneur community, and operate in an environment where my approach is that of a personal relationship, not a generic one.

I can group my contacts according to the stage of their journey with my business, implement specific email nurture sequences, and also arrange my calendar.

3. Let Your Business Work for You

What’s even more beautiful is that I can also monitor sales down to the dollar, and accurately predict the outcome of any event or new program launch down to the cent. That’s extremely satisfying!

But what I love most about automation is that my business can run just as well whilst I’m not there.

Online businesses need to be engaging and open to customers 24/7, and by implementing a sophisticated automation strategy, potential clients can engage with me, and order my products and services, while I’m fast asleep

Or even taking a computer-free holiday!

You Can Do It Too

There are many ways to improve in your online business– offer numerous upsell opportunities to increase profits, undertake a sophisticated re-brand, update your website or streamline your payment processes.

But the one thing that will have an undeniable and tangible impact on your business is automation.

There are plenty of systems out there that will suit your niche and allow you to operate effectively, and even increase profits.

And all while you’re nowhere near your computer!

Grace Lever