Is Facebook Workplace An Entirely New Social Media Concept?

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Facebook Workplace: Is your Workplace Ready?

2015 through to 2016 has seen release after release by Facebook of new apps and business specific tools such as the final roll out of payments through Facebook’s own Messenger app.

Facebook if you like, has been sending out a strong message to business owners and entrepreneurs. Facebook is saying, “hey look, here're all the social media tools you need to monetize your existing social media marketing efforts.”

However, so far, Facebook hasn’t done anything really different. With Facebook Marketplace, they have simply emulated Craigslist. In like regard, with payments through Messenger, Facebook has simply attempted to keep more people inside the Messenger universe by taking away their need to follow outbound payment links.


Workplace & An Entirely New Social Media Concept

Given that all of Facebooks latest offerings have either emulated existing app concepts or been expected to some extent, Facebook Workplace has just broken the mold in terms of innovation. That said, it’s important to understand what Facebook Workplace is and what it isn’t.

Firstly, Workplace isn’t a branch of Facebook designed to allow Facebook-like communication between you and your employees. Instead, Workplace is a stand alone app completely separate from Facebook itself. What this means is that when you use Workplace, you are not connected and can’t connect with anyone outside of your predefined business community.

This exclusivity of use makes Workplace a safe and secure platform upon which your company employees can exchange sensitive business information. In fact, in a way, Workplace has been designed to emulate but also surpass traditional business Intranet concepts.

Easier Communication & Collaboration Between Coworkers

Of course, when we think of Facebook, we think of sharing personal photos and details of different kinds of online content which we have been enthused by. This being the case, it’s important to understand that Workplace isn’t about providing business employees with a similar kind of social media platform.

What Facebook Workplace is about, is an attempt to take those personal connectivity concepts, and employ that functionality in such a way that business employees can share files and collaborate on work projects easier and more intuitively than ever before.

Will Facebook Workplace really take off like Facebook hopes it will? Well, for small to medium sized businesses which don’t have the resources to roll out dedicated Intranet concepts, Workplace certainly represents the next best thing. Perhaps even more importantly, if your business employees spend a significant amount of time communicating via email, telephone, and VOIP services in order to collaborate with each other successfully, Facebook Workplace provides a way to streamline all such communication and in doing so, help businesses just like yours make significant time and resource savings.

The only question, in this case, is have you tried Facebook Workplace yet? If not, at least make sure to try the new app and discover for yourself how the system might be of benefit to you and your workplace. This being the case, make sure to sign up today at for a 3-month free trial. This way you will be able to test Workplace for free before making any kind of ongoing financial commitment.


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Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

I would be hesitant to roll anything Facebook related / owned into my business. They have a terrible privacy record and I don't think people associate Facebook with anything business related (meaning it would probably be hard to keep it from becoming cat videos and oversharing unnecessary information). I don't think Facebook Workplace is innovative at all. Asana, Basecamp, Slack and others all seemed to be well liked engaging solutions. Furthermore, open source options such as HumHub are essentially the same thing.

Prosper Taruvinga

Prosper Taruvinga, Digital Marketing Expert at

@Jef ,Valid points, but like anything new, people are hesitant to get on board . According to statistics, The most active people on facebook and Instagram now are 45-50 yr olds. The very people that said they would never use the platform. Time will tell. The same goes for snap chat now, humans are creatures of habit. Once we are used to the certain way things work, we do not embrace change easily. It may, or it may not fly, let's revisit this discussion in 4-5 years.