Online Marketing: How a Website Optimisation Consultant Will Help

Online Marketing: How a Website Optimisation Consultant Will Help
  • Simply having a website isn't enough these days with the fierce competition to rank at the top of search engines.
  • For the average entrepreneur, creating a strong website and online presence for a business can be quite difficult.
  • Learn about website optimisation services and why hiring a website optimisation consultant can help you and our business considerably.

At its infancy, many industry specialists thought the internet was a fad that would (like others before it) fade away with time.

Time has proven them wrong. Today, a significant part of our lives is highly dependent on the internet, and this will only continue to increase as time goes by.

One of the things that have changed dramatically with the increased global internet penetration and usage is how we do business.

Buying and selling of goods and services is no longer constrained to the traditional brick and mortar buildings; it’s now done on devices on people’s desktops and gadgets in their pockets.

It is this phenomenal shift to virtual trading that has made it imperative for every business to have an online presence.

The internet has opened up the market for a lot of businesses enabling them to reach a larger consumer base from across the globe.

It has drastically cut down advertising costs helping even businesses that are just starting out to reach millions of customers unlike previously where this kind of reach was reserved for deep-pocketed corporations.

However, having an online presence that actually brings in business – contrary to popular belief – is not limited to just having a website for your business. There is a lot that goes into it.

Successfully marketing your business online requires a combination of search engine optimisation strategies (simply known as SEO), online marketing and social media marketing.

What Help Can I Get with My Website?

Because of the numerous “moving parts” involved, creating an impactful online presence for a business can be quite difficult for the average entrepreneur; and this is where website optimisation consultants come in.

A website optimisation consultant helps you navigate the murky waters of the internet to make your business as visible as it can be to relevant internet users, your target market.

WebStrategies: Who Are We?

Established back in 2001, WebStrategies has grown to become a significant player in the website optimisation industry, serving customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Our job is to provide you with professional website consultancy services geared towards improving your website’s performance in all areas.

From SEO strategies where we collaborate with you to optimise your search engine presence; to Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategies that help enhance traffic flow to your website.

Think of us as your web strategists: we’ll provide whatever support and assistance you require to enhance your internet presence and make your website more successful.

How Can We Help Your Business Create an Impactful Online Presence?

In a nutshell, we analyse and interpret your website performance across all channels and then provide actionable advice on the activities you need to undertake to make your business an online success.

We’ll provide assistance on implementing the strategies we bring forward by either training you on how to do it, or you could leave it to us and let us do it for you.

Assistance can be either in the form of formal, structured service or ad hoc assistance where we provide help as required.

With a structured approach, we provide continued support and analysis to provide you with knowledgeable recommendations for continued website improvement.

What Services Do Website Optimisation Consultants Offer?

Our consultancy services include:

  • Determining the current performance of your website in all areas and current SEO status.
  • Keyword research. This involves identifying valuable search terms used to find the type of products and services your business provides.
  • Competitor analysis. We analyse competitors in your industry to identify best practices that we can make you very competitive against them.
  • Full onsite optimisation. This involves optimising supported keywords and other search ranking signals on your website.
  • Quality content updates. We’ll help you create content for the blog, news or article facility on your website.
  • Quality, natural, link building. We’ll help you look for places where you can contribute your insight on topics related to your business for the purpose of link building.
  • Social media usage. We’ll help you better utilise your social channels to improve traffic to your site.
  • Local optimisation. We’ll help people find your business by making you are visible on Google maps.
  • Mobile/video optimisation. Video and mobile are increasingly becoming important, and we’ll help your business get an edge.
  • Full tracking and analysis of organic traffic activity and conversion rates (a measure of how well your website is generating sales and enquiries) to monitor the success of implemented strategies.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Online Marketing Needs?

Other than our extensive experience of 15 years in the field, you should choose WebStrategies as your web optimisation consultant because:

  • We are affordable: We are able to provide quality services to customers ranging from start-ups to fully established enterprises.
  • We involve you: For maximum transparency, we proactively maintain communication with our clients through weekly catch-ups (on phone or Skype) as well as unlimited email and phone support.
  • We give monthly performance reports: Our clients are furnished with a detailed, easy to understand performance report for their website so that they can judge for themselves how well our strategies are working.
  • No Contracts! We believe that you will continue using our services if you see the value they add to your business. We don’t force them on you.
  • We’ll train you: We’ll explain everything we need to do in a way that is easy to understand without all the tech jargons and provide training if you need it.

Having an online presence is crucial to the success of any business today.

Check out WebStrategies to find out how you can get your products in front of more customers both locally and globally.

Ashley Bryan

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Owner of Website Strategies, providing website optimisation services for Australian and NZ businesses.