Six Reasons Your Business Needs to Hire a Copywriter

Six Reasons Your Business Needs to Hire a Copywriter


If you are in any way responsible for marketing a business online, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase ‘content is king’. This means that in order to be a step ahead of your competition, your site needs good lead-converting content, and lots of it.

This is great news for those who are natural wordsmiths, but for the average business owner who often has a phobia of putting anything more than a simple 2-line email together, plus has a myriad of other things to do in order to keep the business running, writing content is one job that either gets unsuccessfully delegated to someone equally as reluctant, or it just manages to slip further and further down the ‘to do’ list.

If you’re in this position, you may have even toyed with the idea of getting a copywriter to complete some of those more challenging writing tasks. But is it really necessary?

In most cases, I would say the answer is a resounding ‘yes’.  And I’ll give you six really good reasons why.


1) You’d rather unclog the kitchen drain or refill the soap dispensers than actually write a blog post about your business

I know you love running your business. Your customers know you deliver superior service, and your staff think you’re the best. Yet when it comes to sitting down and writing something, the enthusiasm just seems to go AWOL. I get it. But here’s the thing; you can keep staring at a blank screen, in which case, you’ll probably get behind on your other tasks, or you can hire someone to take care of content so you don’t abandon your core responsibilities.


2. Copywriters can give you a fresh angle

It’s great to be close to the action, but when you’re so involved in the everyday operations of your business, it can cloud your judgment about how best to market your product.

This is when an objective perspective from a professional writer comes in handy. It could well be that something you had been focusing on as your main selling point isn’t as important as you thought, and because we’re not as emotionally involved, we can give you an angle you didn’t think of. Be prepared for some tough love though.


3. We write to sell

This is a biggie. I mean, you want more sales and better leads, don’t you?

A large part of the marketing process involves understanding the psychology of influence. Then you have to weave that into the writing. And in order to do this, every word has to be carefully chosen for maximum impact. There has to be an emotional hook. The benefits have to spelled out in a way that readers can picture their lives after purchasing your product or service. Headlines need to be crafted that grab people’s attention.

If you don’t have all of these ingredients, your prospects can very easily flick over to another website whose message just ‘speaks’ to them more.


4. Copywriters understand SEO

Whenever new content is created, there’s a delicate dance that needs to happen between writing for humans and writing for search engines.  Not enough keywords and the search engines ignore your pages. Too many keywords means the flow of your message is interrupted, resulting in a disconnect between you and your audience. Neither outcome is desirable.


5. Copywriters can help you find your brand voice

Content isn’t just words on a website. It is essential to your brand that your web copy reflects your voice. Do you want to come across as authoritative, or friendly and approachable? Or a combination of both? The voice you use will change according to what type of industry you’re in, who your customers are, and the channels you’re using, and it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of Internet marketing. But get it right, and your customers will find it easier to engage with you.


6. Copywriters save you money

Remember the days when if you wanted to launch a product or service, or get a message out to people, you had to go to an expensive PR or advertising agency and spend the equivalent of half your annual marketing budget on one campaign? Copywriters typically charge a faction of what advertising and PR firms do, and the copy can stay on the site as long as you need it to. In fact, some of your content can be evergreen, and this means a much better ROI.


So here are my six reasons in a nutshell. I just wanted to mention one thing though. And that is that the message still belongs to you. A great copywriter can work wonders for your marketing, but you still have to be involved in the process. The best writing is created when you and your copywriter sit down together and do some creative brainstorming. And don’t worry if they ask a lot of questions at the beginning. Getting the message right is a process, and the more you take an active interest in the process, the better the outcome will be. You might even learn some tips from them you can use yourself. Good luck. 

Linda Paull

at Linda Paull Copywriter

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Linda Paull

Linda Paull at Linda Paull Copywriter

Thats right Jeff. Getting someone to help strategise and maybe write some key posts and pages for you is a good idea, but don't forget you can always re-purpose your content too after it's been written.

Jef Lippiatt

Jef Lippiatt, Owner at Startup Chucktown

Very well stated points. I definitely see the benefit from getting an outside perspective on my material from time to time. I think another thing that is helpful is a content and copy guidelines document. This isn't meant to replace a copywriter rather enhance understanding. A copywriter can't help with every single written piece of communication. The guideline helps people keep the proper brand voice and tone intact for smaller tasks and communications.