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What is the best way to start your list?

Most people are delusional to the fact that your product has to offer value. You need to think about which the most common questions people ask about your Niche are.

Let's say you are interested in fishing, You need to be more specific, and target keywords like Trout Fishing in Tolano to get to a specific group of people interested in the topic.

People need to find you as an authority when reading your FREE offer. You need to provide real value. The product that you offer for sale could be a video giving specific detail on how to be successful at Trout Fishing in Tolano.

Once you get an interested person on your mailing list, and they do not buy your product, you still need to provide value in mailing them top of the range advice and information related to your Niche. This is something your business coach would recommend you do as it will encourage people on your list to buy from you down the line.

You could email the people on your list for years to come. They may even share your valued information with their friends and family. An example of obscure Niches would be "How to make a Sailboat in a Bottle?"

This is how you Get Things Going

Amazingly, your business coach will recommend you to try the following when looking to build yourself a list of followers:

You go to the forum marketplace and find the top 10 questions people ask, and then create an information product around that. Give this away for free. Then go to your Forum and comment that you have this fantastic free eBook that will answer all their questions.

From here on you would need affiliates, and actually get something to sell that will make them money. If you have a video course on the back-end, then give away an eBook on the front end. One Guru got 6,000 people on his mailing list this way. He went on to make $78,000 doing this.

Best Way to Email Your List

Once you set up your Squeeze page, and people join your mailing list, you should have an Auto Responder sequence in place to send them valuable information with links to other products or information in the body of your email or newsletter.

Your subscribers will be happy with the free value they are getting from you. What is more, they will get to trust you, and once you offer them an even more valuable product that is for sale, they will go for it.

You could even refer them to your blog to answer some of their questions. On the other hand you could just send them to your Sales Page where they can buy a great product that covers what they are after.

Take this tip from your business coach - Do not be lazy in setting up an Auto Responder as you will be leaving money on the table if you do. In addition, your list will keep on growing due to having an Auto Responder.

Another good idea - Put a video on your blog post where you can tell them what you plan to do for your readers, and ask them what they would like to hear you cover with a future video or eBook. This way you get to nail it, and give real value in giving people what they want.

Send an email to your list, tell them your story to show them you are a real person, and ask them what they would like to get from you with regards to the particular Niche you are in. Ask them for their help for which you can offer them something of value as a Thank You.

When you create a product around what your prospects want, you get to drill down to the nitty-gritty and provide real value. Your subscribers will love you for it.

You may have to send out 20 or more emails to your prospects before you get results. The thing you need to remember is be persistent and make sure you give value every single time. Once you get your first sale, you will find that it really builds your confidence, and get you super excited to carry on doing some of the same.

In other words, you want to replicate what you are doing right so you can eventually double if not triple your income.

Anthony Khoury

at The Small Business Doctor

Aspiring entrepreneur and marketer. Loves building start ups and small business in general. Just released a book called The Beach Bum Millionaire: How to build a Million Dollar Business The Lazy Way

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Glen Rothquel

Glen Rothquel, Get More Clients, Lead Generation and Conversion, Marketing at Leads 2 Profits

Great article Anthony and spot on with the teaching! This is a new world economy. People want to buy - not be sold. We live in an understandably un-trusting world. Consumers have very scorched fingers and are sceptical of everything and everyone. The way to success is Education based marketing and building "Trust Based" relationships. Great work!