Savvy content writing checklist

Copywriting and Content Marketing

Writing articles is no easy task, especially with such a huge array of articles available online now, good content is comparable to a piece of art, a lot of work goes into writing articles so we appreciate all the work you put into your SavvySME articles. 

We here at SavvySME have put together a content checklist for you to go through to ensure you put your best article forward. 

Correct spelling and grammar is only the foundation of good content

Usefulness & Relevance

o Does your content meet user needs, goals, and interests?

o Does your content meet business goals?

o How will your content hold up over time? When will it become outdated? Will you need to go back and update it?

o Is your content timely and relevant?

Clarity & Accuracy

o Can your readers understand what you are saying? Not everyone is a expert so explain acronyms and technical jargon.

o Is your content organised logically and coherently? Make use of headings and sub-headings.

o Are your facts correct? Where did you find your sources?

o Check for factual errors, grammar and spelling errors.

o Include other media such as images, videos and audio, are they formatted correctly?

Influence & Engagement

o Check your tone, is it friendly and convincing?

o Have you included examples and sections to increase engagement with your content.


oDoes the content include all of the information customers need or might want about a topic? If not you can link to other articles that can give them more detail.

Voice & Style

o Does your content and tone consistently reflect your brand and voice?

o Does the content seem to have a style? If so, does the content adhere to it consistently?

o Does the content read, look, or sound as though it’s professionally crafted?

Usability & Findability

o Is the content easy to scan or read? Use headings and bullet points to make it more scannable.

o Does the content follow search engine optimisation (SEO) guidelines—such as using keywords—without sacrificing quality in other areas?

o Can customers find the content when searching using relevant keywords?

If you have any further suggestions leave a comment and we will include them in the checklist.  

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