Writing Your First Article

Writing Your First Article

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So I was reading up on past articles trying to think of a topic that I could contribute on as my first article. It crossed my mind that it would be a great opportunity to document the experience of writing a first article. There are plenty of people that come to read, maybe comment on the site but have not written a piece. Maybe due to a number of factors. Hopefully they can sympathise with my observations and in turn be encouraged to share an article as I think the process will be beneficial to both the online community and themselves.

Putting yourself out there:

It is a bit daunting putting something of yours out for people to read. Once you cross over the barrier by putting your name to it, you may feel vulnerable all of a sudden. I'm sure there would be plenty of more articles if people could post anonymously, just look at the number of comments that YouTube generates. Everyone wants to give their two cents but most of them are afraid to be recognised. However, SavvySME is VERY different to YouTube. It is a friendly community where having a go is encouraged and applauded, and praise is given in abundance. Do not be afraid of wasting a readers time as they have chosen which articles to read themselves, nothing is being forced onto them. If you are not confident about your writing skills, don't worry, it is the message that is the most important thing to pass along. 

Finding it hard to choose a topic?:

Having writers block concerning what topic and content you want to cover? Maybe you are not confident enough and feel like there are other writers out there with more technical knowledge and therefore you should defer to them. If you are struggling to come up with something to write about maybe you should write about your own personal experiences. Everyone's experiences are unique so you don't have to worry about your article being covered before. You will also actually find it easier to write as the words come together and flow as it replays in your mind. Do not downplay your experiences as they would be very beneficial to readers. Your experiences are not statistical numbers that anyone can Google for, making them harder to find and therefore more valuable. The subjectiveness involved also allows readers to take your opinions into account which may help their own business choices.


Writing an article is win/win for both parties involved. Readers are benefited from information that they did not have before. Writers receive satisfaction, a sense of giving back and helping the community, confidence and with feedback can grow with either additional information or tips. With each article written, it will become faster and easier to write and probably more enjoyable as well.

Of course writing is not for everyone, but if you are the type that is one step away from doing it, take the leap! You will not be disappointed!

Eric Phuah

Director at

Previously in audit and accounting, I branched off into designing a new and innovative social network smartphone application called 'Kinetic! '. Available in Iphone and Android platforms, it connects friends to each other more efficiently compared to other social networks and makes it easier to plan to hang out.

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Wendy Huang

Wendy Huang, Full Time Blogger and YouTuber at A Custom Blog in 4 Minutes

Thanks for sharing your experience Eric :)! A very creative way to take your first step! Looking forward to your future articles!

Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah, Director at

Thanks Wendy! I will definitely try to share more experiences of mine in the future!

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