5 ways to market your jewellery business

5 ways to market your jewellery business

Whether you create personalised one off pieces or you buy and sell in larger quantities, marketing your jewellery business is important to enable your products to evolve and grow. The market is ever changing and it’s important to allow your products to do the same.

1.       Excellent photography.

Seems simple - and it is. If your photos aren’t great, then neither is the representation of your product. Your photos are the windows to your sales. Show off the detail of your hard work and let the products speak for themselves. A professional product shoot isn’t as expensive as you may think!

2.       Wear your work.

Another simple yet effective way to show off your jewellery. You’ll find compliments go a long way and a great way to promote your business.

3.       Packaging.

How you package your products can be a deal breaker for your customers. Make sure your packaging is good enough to sell. Consider the following:

-Would the customer be confident to gift your product in its current packaging?

-Is the packaging visually appealing and functional?

-What does your packaging communicate?

4.       Email Marketing

Start collecting those email addresses! Building a database of your customers and emailing them with image rich emails are a great way to gain repeat sales. If a customer purchased a yellow gold ‘dangle style’ necklace, then you’d know who to target when your product line adds another equally as beautiful necklace. By personalising your emails, you’ll have a more successful open rate and you’ll convert them into more sales too!

5.       Giveaways/PR

There are always ways to get free publicity with jewellery products! You can get your jewellery put into magazines, blogs and raffled off as prizes at large events. This type of marketing is invaluable if you can part with your pieces. 



Lauren Hutchin

Lauren Hutchin

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Throughout Lauren’s sales and marketing career, she quickly learned that marketing was not what you’re taught and definitely not what you thought you knew. She discovered a simple business strategy that enabled fast and organic business growth—without a huge marketing budget. My Marketing Friend is all about being accessible to any start-up or small business. Their cost effective packages allow the opportunity for any business to thrive by passing on secret industry knowledge and experience.

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