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6 things you should know before starting a business

Lauren Hutchin

That moment when 'doors are open' there's no turning back.

Jumping in the deep end and 'learning to swim' can be a great way to teach yourself how to survive in your business - but here are 6 things that may prepare you a little before you jump.


1. Build your processes.

A process will help you stay on track and help you improve your service and highlight any deficiencies. 


2. Flexibility

You may think you know what you're selling and who you're selling to, but in reality you'll find that it will constantly adapt and change as you figure things out. Be flexible to change and move your business around to help your customers and build your sales.


3. Be humble

Sounds silly. But I have met many business owners that are more concerned about the title on their business card than actually working on their business. You're always learning (well I know I am) and you need to continue to grow.  


4. Start a good routine

If you begin with good habits, you're more likely to maintain them. I can get lazy when it comes to CRM and computer filing. How can I connect with my leads if they haven't been documented ? Note to self... make time daily! 


5. Good presentation

You don't need to throw money at everything to begin with - but you do need to make sure you start out with professional presentation. It's no good putting together a quick website and drawing your logo in MS word. Consumers are smart, and they can smell a newbie a mile away. Make a good first impression and don't send your potential client to your competitor.


6. Don't expect miracles but plan for them

When I started my business, I had a burning vision for instant success. I am one of those people who want instant gratification. Well didn’t I learn the hard way! It doesn't take a day to build your business. It is constant work and effort. Just don't give up!


Throughout Lauren’s sales and marketing career, she quickly learned that marketing was not what you’re taught and definitely not what you thought you knew. She discovered a simple business strategy that enabled fast and organic business growth—without a huge marketing budget. My Marketing Friend is all about being accessible to any start-up or small business. Their cost effective packages allow the opportunity for any business to thrive by passing on secret industry knowledge and experience.

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Comments (6)
Hi Lauren,
Another great article! No:1 is my favourite -- just look at McDonalds, they can train an uneducated, uninterested 15 year old to successfully manage a business because they have processes in place for everything!

But one major reason for new businesses failing is the viability factor -- is there even a market for your brand new widget, does your target market have the money to buy your widget, and are they WILLING to pay for it?

These all need to be answered before you even take one more step on your journey.
Hi Lauren. Thanks for your article. Very true points. Particularly having a routine and also having good presentation. I think it's important in the early stages to focus on presenting your business well and being very clear on what you can offer.
As the saying goes - 'Dress for the job you want, not the one you have' - can apply to websites and promotional marketing for your business.
Sarah Irwin SME Community Director at SavvySME
Definitely agree with #3 - I've been overwhelmed with the responses I get about a startup blog I do as a hobby. Every time I meet people that have heard of it or read it, they compliment the quality of my business. I then sheepishly admit it is just me and it is just a hobby (not an actual business) and they can't believe it isn't my full-time focus. My response is always the same, I'm just looking for ways to foster the local entrepreneurial community.
I find it liberating to admit I don't know everything and look to learn from those around me and push others to people with more answers than myself.
I believe that Honesty and Transparency along with being Humble build a solid reputation. It may not be the quick way, but I believe it to be the right way.
Jef Lippiatt Owner at Startup Chucktown
Thanks Terry, Yes! isn't that true. Great analogy.
Lauren Hutchin Owner at My Marketing Friend
Hi Sarah, I haven't heard of that saying before. Love it. So true.
Lauren Hutchin Owner at My Marketing Friend
Isn't that the truth Jef!
"I believe that Honesty and Transparency along with being Humble build a solid reputation. It may not be the quick way, but I believe it to be the right way."
Agreed 100%. Aligning with 'slow and steady wins the race.'
Lauren Hutchin Owner at My Marketing Friend

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