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Tell us a bit about your business?

I run a boutique PR and copywriting business catering to independent Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospitality SMEs.

 Why did you start up your business?

After arriving back to Brisbane in early 2012 (after having lived away for over a decade), I found that it was no longer the sleepy little town it had previously been. Instead it was an exciting, creative, vibrant city with so many amazing ‘Start Up’ businesses, with so much to offer. What I also found was that these businesses were lacking the real recognition and brand exposure that they so rightly deserved. It was not long after this realisation that I set about establishing the MyStyle PR consultancy

 What are the major hurdles you experienced when starting up your business?

I have found that because I have only been in business since September 2012, I’ve had to work really hard at building my reputation and credibility. I have also found that, unlike larger businesses, where everyone has a clear role, I’ve had to wear many hats, some of which have been a bit ill fitting!

 What tips can you give other SavvySME members that are thinking or in the process of starting up their business?

Take the plunge! But plan it well. It’s so worth the hard work, nail biting and sleepless nights. It’s such an amazing, exciting and rewarding experience.  

 What made you decide to take the jump and focus on your business?

After having gained  a wide variety of skills and experience during my PR internship in central London. the timing felt right for me to start my own business back in Australia. I also wanted to be able to tailor my work life around my seven year old daughter. So far it has worked out quite well, although it is quite a juggling act!

 How did you family and friends react?

I had really wonderful support and encouragement from family and friends. They all agreed that is was a sensible move. I‘ve even had friends provide me with client referrals and my father has been a great mentor.

How has your life changed?

I now have greater control of what hours I work who work for and also who I work with. I feel a lot more satisfied and happy about my career.

 What success have you experienced since starting your business?

Over the past seven months I have built a small but faithful client base, ranging from fashion to hospitality and not for profit and along the way have deveopled some great freindships. I have also had the opportunity to work on some great projects with some very talented people, including the gang from Surge Media with whom I workd on on a series of web videos.

 What is the vision for your business going forward?

I am hoping to grow the business to the extent that I can work together with a small, dynamic and trustworthy team.I have just taken on a French intern and am really enjoying the process of working alongside a likeminded, career driven individual.

What tips can you give other SavvySME about motivating yourself to push through the challenges that rise up while building your startup?

Find at least one great business mentor, attend regular networking and ‘upskilling’ workshops and utilise every opportunity possible to meet with potential new clients.  





Marguerite O'Sullivan

Owner/Manager at MyStyle PR

I run a boutique PR and copywriting consultancy y providing bespoke Public Relations and copywriting services to independent Fashion, Lifestyle and Hospitality businesses. By combining a range of highly effective traditional PR methods with the latest Social Media strategies MyStyle PR is able to facilitate maximum brand exposure for SMes and help them reach a wider target audience.

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Eric Phuah

Eric Phuah, Director at

Great article Marguerite! Good luck with your continued success!