Resignation Letters: How To Go About Writing One

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Resignation Letters: How To Go About Writing One

There are many instances in which you may need to change jobs and wonder how to write your resignation letter. This is mostly due to the fact that you may feel some guilt that you are a leaving a company that depends on your services or that you may be inconveniencing your employer. However, this should not be a deterring factor as you need to advance in your career.

There are ways in which you can write a resignation letter and still sound professional without the thought that you are hurting anyone's feelings.



The very first thing you need to ensure you do is keep the letter brief, simple and to the point. Do not go writing a lot of unnecessary stories in the attempt to justify the fact that you are leaving the company. It is always important to start by informing your employee that you intend to leave the company on a specific date. Providing your employer with such a notice will go a long way in ensuring that he or she is able to find someone else to replace you and avoid any inconveniences. You need to always remember to be thankful for the opportunity that your employer granted you to work at the company you are leaving. You do not want to sound like you are ungrateful just because you may have found greener pastures.


It is important that you remain professional when writing your resignation letter ensuring that you address your employer with respect all through the letter with respect. The language you use or the way in which you express yourself in the letter should not bring about a negative picture or emotions that you may have even if you are leaving the company on the wrong note. You need to understand that your resignation letter can tell a lot about you both positively and negatively. This is a letter that will be filed hence you need to ensure that you practice maximum professionalism in writing such a letter as it may come into play much later, probably even in the company you are joining. This is due to the fact that your new employer will want to know on which note you left your previous place of employment and employer networking is very easy nowadays.


In closing the letter, you need to use positive remarks. For instance, you can go ahead and say how fortunate you feel you may have been to work for a company as successful as the one you are leaving and other sentiments along the same line. You can even go as far as wishing your employer all the best in all the company's endeavors. Avoid giving reasons for your resignation.

It is also advisable that before you present your resignation letter to your employer that you do it in person as this will go a long way in showing that you are respectful. The letter needs to be neat and readable. Place the letter in a clean envelope and address it clearly to your employer.

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